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Michigan State University

EndNote & EndNote Online

Information about EndNote, the popular reference manager software program. Last updated: 9/7/23.

Technical Assistance at MSU

The MSU Libraries Reference and Discovery Services provides technical assistance for the MSU Libraries.

You can contact them via email form or by phone at (517) 353-8700.

For questions about EndNote training and workshops, please contact our EndNote instruction team.

EndNote Technical Support

EndNote's Technical Support team is very helpful with any problems you might encounter.

You can contact them via email or phone (1-800-336-4474).

Current EndNote Issues

Be sure to first check EndNote's Services and Support page for FAQs, answers to common problems, and to download program patches, updates, import filters, output styles, and more. If you have any questions please contact the EndNote team at

User Guides

Clarivate provides numerous training materials for users of EndNote. This includes reference guides, videos, and how-to books.

Online Community

EndNote has active Community Forums where both users and administrators post content related to problems, news, and upgrades. You can also follow EndNote on Twitter and YouTube.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use EndNote with Google Docs?

It is recommended that EndNote be used with Microsoft Word. However, EndNote is compatible with any word processing program, such as Google Docs, that supports file saving in the rich text format (.rtf).


Can I save my EndNote library in cloud storage, such as Dropbox or iCloud?

It is recommended that you do not save your EndNote library in cloud storage, as over time this can lead to degradation of your library. You can store a copy or a compressed copy of your library in cloud storage for backup purposes, but is recommended that you do not open it from that location.


What is the password to search ERIC, Psycinfo, or Database X from EndNote?

Online search can only be used to search library catalogs, PubMed and Web of Science databases. To search and download citations from all other databases, access the database from the database website and download citations into EndNote from there. Instructions for MSU databases are available.


My Choose a Connection box/Online Search function does not have an option for the MSU Library catalog.
I cannot find my favorite citation style.

If you installed EndNote using the default installation process, only selected citation styles and connection files were installed. The MSU Library catalog is not installed by default. Download additional citation styles, connection files, and filters.

It may be easier to download the archive of all available styles, filters and connections.

Download and place the new or updated style, filter or connection file in the appropriate folder on your hard drive. This can be found by going to the Program Files folder, EndNote folder, and selecting the Styles or Connections or Filters folder.


I have downloaded the Cite While You Write plugin for MS Word, but my citations are not autoformatting in the proper style when I insert them. They are just inserted inside a pair of curly brackets.

If you have also installed the Mendeley plugin for MS Word, that is likely the cause of this problem. The two plugins cannot work at the same time. To disable the Mendeley plugin, go to the File menu and click on Options. Then click on Add Ins. At the bottom of the dialog box, you will see the word "Manage:" with a dropdown menu. Select "Templates" from the dropdown menu, and you will be taken to a screen where you can uncheck the box next to the Mendeley plugin. Restart Word, and your citations should format.