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Human Development & Family Studies Library Resources: Citations & Plagiarism

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Citation Style Guides

Be sure to use the citation style specified by your instructor.  Most HDFS classes use the APA style guide.

Anatomy of a Citation

This video will walk you through what a citation is and the different parts of a citation.

Direct link to "Anatomy of a Citation" on MSU Mediaspace

Video credit: Megan Kudzia

When Do I Cite?

Are you confused about when to cite? This video will help clear up your questions!

Direct link to "When do I cite?" on MSU Mediaspace

Video credit: Megan Kudzia

Citation Management Programs

Keep a personal database of books, journal articles, websites, and other resources with a citation management program.  These programs will help you organize and keep track of resources as well as automatically format citations.


Don't plagiarize!  Familiarize yourself with the rules with these resources: