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Health Sciences Research Skills

Citation Creation

Citing where you found information is essential to both scientific reproducibility and accountability. Academic integrity is a cornerstone of higher education and one simple way to maintain it is to cite your sources. If you would like more information please check out MSU Libraries Citation Resources page.

The following are 3rd party citation generators outside of MSU Libraries - please check the citation for accuracy before using.

Citation Management

If you are going to undertake any literature review you should think about how you are going to manage your citations and research materials. In a smaller review this may take the form of an excel document and associated folder of PDFs. In larger searches you may need more sophisticated technology to manage citations because of the volume of research you are finding.

There are many options for citation management programs, some free and some not, and we have put together guides to the most commonly used ones.

Check them out and decide for yourself which you prefer. The important point is to keep organized so when you come to write your paper/report/article or want to re-do a portion of your work everything is in one place and reduces the time expended to duplicate what you did previously.


In every discipline there are writing conventions that one should follow, the medical sciences is no different.

We have created Guide to Writing in the Medical Sciences that discusses many issues you may encounter including:

  • writing assistance
  • writing a research paper or report for the sciences
  • academic integrity
  • grammar and style
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