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Renaissance or Early Modern Material Culture: ONLINE PRIMARY SOURCES

This is a guide to researching the Renaissance/Early Modern Period, in the West, especially material culture.


British Isles Online Primary Sources

This is a guide to the major electronic resources M.S.U. Libraries has bought or is subscribing to about/from the British Isles.

English Historical Documents

Provides modernized English language texts for major primary sources in English history from 500 to 1914, including American Colonial era documents. Browse by subjects (technology, foreign affairs, etc.), chronological timeline, or by original published volume order. Search by keyword or use advanced search for specific document title, personal name, or place name. Based on the print series (Main DA 26 .E55) edited by David C. Douglas.

European History Primary Sources.  Provides links to free scholarly websites of digitized primary documents and online digital archives on European history.  Browse by country, language, period, subject, or type of source.

Daily Life Through History in Primary Documents

Explore the daily lives of people from major world cultures throughout history, as presented in their own words. Bringing useful and engaging material into world history classrooms, this rich collection of historical documents and illustrations provides insight into major cultures from all continents. Hundreds of thematically organized, annotated primary documents, and over 100 images introduce aspects of daily life throughout the world, including domestic life, economics, intellectual life, material life, politics, religion, and recreation, from antiquity to the present.

How They Lived: an Annotated Tour of Daily Life Through History in Primary Sources

GALLICA Gallica is a database of some 70,000 French texts and 80,000 images created by the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, chosen from its own and other French collections. Contains literature, history, science, philosophy, law, and economic and political science materials. Some 1250 of the works can be word searched within the texts.

Art Theorists of the Italian Renaissance Includes treatises representing a wide variety of subjects relevant to art and history published between 1470 and 1775.

Bridgeman Art Library has a very large database of fine art images from over eight thousand collections and 29,000 artists. Browsing in this resource is free, but beware: to download or print an image you must buy it from the company.

Bibliotheca Virtual del Patrimonio Bibliografico More than 250,000 digitized pages from over 1000 manuscripts and print items in Spanish public libraries. Searchable by author, title, chronological period, in any of the languages of Spain and English. Freely downloadable. Ongoing additions.

British History Sources 1500-1900

Connected Histories brings together a range of digital resources related to early modern and nineteenth century Britain with a single federated search that allows sophisticated searching of names, places and dates, as well as the ability to save, connect and share resources within a personal workspace. There are a number of research guides in this website on such topics as: crime and justice, family history, history of London, Imperial and Colonial History, local history, Parliamentary history, poverty and poor relief, religious history, searching for images or place names. Based on the print series (Main DA 26 .E55) edited by David C. Douglas.

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