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Renaissance or Early Modern Material Culture: PRIMARY SOURCES ON PAPER

This is a guide to researching the Renaissance/Early Modern Period, in the West, especially material culture.


Documents of Shakespeare's England  Main DA 320 .D58 2019

Shortish primary source documents about:  Society and Family.  Economy and Work. Politics and Parliament. Queen and Court.  Anglicans, Puritans and Catholics. Literature, Plays, and Poetry. William Shakespeare's Life and Works. London Life. Scotland and the Scottish Queen. Spain and the Armada.  Ireland and the English.  America and the English.  78 Total.  Extensive, unannotated bibliography at back contains: references to primary sources and contemporary works, general and reference works, and references to secondary works reflective of politics and the court, economic and social history, intellectual and cultural history, Parliamentary, administrative, and legal history, religious history, military history, foreign policy and Europe, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America, and biography of Elizabeth I, Shakespeare himself, and other people.  Concludes with a list of websites.

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