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Gender in Modern Europe: Free Web Sites

Originally created to use with a HST 201 course on this subject. Spring semester, 2023. Last updated 05-15-2023

Free Web Sites

This page is, as they say, under construction.  If I get time, maybe web sites will appear here.

It is important to evaluate the web sites you use. To do this, ask yourself:

Who is the site’s author?  Is it/are they (a) reputable person(s) in the scholarly world? Phony articles sometimes have fake bylines/author names. 

Is the grammar good?  Typos and grammatical errors can signal a fake news writer.

Who is the site’s publisher?  Prefer sites whose web addresses end in ".edu" or ".org" rather than ".com."  Be wary of sites whose domain names end with "", ".ma", or ".co".

What is the point of view or bias of the site? Information is rarely neutral.

Does the material include, refer to, or indicate knowledge of the subject matter?

Are the details accurate or verifiable? Check it out by doing a  Google search to check if trustworthy publications have reported the same information.

Is the information current or timely?  When was the site last updated?


European Studies Web

Offered by American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, European Studies Section, this resource points to electronic resources about various European countries and time periods.