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An Introduction to Covidence at MSU

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone from outside MSU be added to my review?

Yes, you can have someone from outside MSU added to your review. To do this, go to Settings --> Reviewers --> select "Invite Another Reviewer" on the right hand side. Those who are invited will receive an email to join your review. They may not be able to see PDFs or other full text that require a MSU NetID and password, but they will be able to do title/abstract screening and full text review. Please see more information on inviting users.

I'm not able to move beyond title and abstract review, and it says that someone else needs to review. What's going on?

You might have your setting set to 2 reviewers for each step of the process, and you may only want one reviewer (you, if you're working on a literature review by yourself). To change this, go into "Settings" from the main page of your review. On the first page, you'll see "Reviewers Required for Screen," "Reviewers Required for Full Text," and "Reviewers Required for Data Extraction." Default settings are 2 reviewers (as required by Cochrane standards), but you can change that to 1 reviewer.

I have one article that is stuck in review, with two reviewers. I can't get it to progress out of review. What's going on?

This is a known issue, and you'll need to contact Covidence directly to have them troubleshoot and get the review to progress to the next step.

Can I filter studies based on reasons for exclusion?

Unless you have also tagged the studies with the reason for exclusion, there is no way to sort or filter by exclusion reason within Covidence. You can export excluded studies in CSV format, and that CSV file will include the reason for exclusion.