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ADV 486: News & Articles

Finding Articles about Companies, Industries, and Brands

These resources will help you find articles in magazines, journals, and newspapers about companies, industries, and brands.

Popular Advertising Trade Magazines & Journals

Advertising Age: Print | Online

Adweek: Recent Issues: Print | Online Older Issues: Print | Online

Brandweek: Print | Online

Journal of Advertising Research: Print | Online

JMR, Journal of Marketing Research: Print | Online

Selecting Keywords

Figuring how to search for your topic of interest can be frustrating! Grab a sheet of paper & take 30 seconds to write down as many words and phrases that might be in any way related to your topic.

  • Ask yourself "What else can I call this?", "What do I really want to know?", "Who cares about this issue?"
  • Try different combinations of different words when searching
    • Databases only find what we tell it to find, so variety is essential!

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