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Statistics Resources for the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Belgium: General Sources

Find here web and print statistics resources on the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), Ireland, France, and Belgium.

General Sources

Be sure to avail yourself of the statistics resources in the research guide here, particularly if you seek current information.

International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-2005   Reference HA 1107 .M5 2007

Covers population/vital statistics, labor, agriculture, industry, external trade, transport, communication, finance, prices, education, and national accounts statistics for European countries, 1750-2000.

Digging into Data

Reports on the international competition of the same name.  Has a section of links to online data repositories with representations of data from many countries and historical eras.  The List of Data Repositories is accessed from the link part way down the main page called "Digging Into Data Resources."  Then scroll down, on the page you are taken to, to the link "View All."

Country Statistics from UNICEF

Choose country of interest and find stats on child mortality rates, nutrition, health, education, demographics, protection, disparities, etc. about children all over the world.

European Data Portal

The European Data Portal harvests the metadata of Public Sector Information available on public data portals across European countries. Information regarding the provision of data and the benefits of re-using data is also included. Open (Government) Data refers to the information collected, produced or paid for by the public bodies (also referred to as Public Sector Information) and made freely available for re-use for any purpose. The licence will specify the terms of use. These principles for Open Data are described in detail in the Open Definition. Public sector information is information held by the public sector.

Eurostat: Statistics Explained

Statistics Explained offers a searchable "guide to European statistics...presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way." This resource is an official publication of Eurostat (the European Union's statistical office in Luxembourg) which provides high-quality statistics at the European level, allowing for comparisons between countries and regions. Find a plethora of statistical articles on a wide variety of topics, effectively forming an encyclopedia of European Union statistics here. Each article is supplemented with embedded links either to glossary entries defining and explaining concepts or to background articles with additional contextual or methodological information.  See "Statistics 4 Beginners" section for a five-part primer on statistical concepts and uses.

ICPSR:Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

Curated collection of statistical information maintained by the University of Michigan.  Access to over 500,000 datasets from more than 700 academic institutions and research organizations.  More focussed on sociopolitical research compared to the strongly economic focus of ProQuest Statistical Insight (above).  Some of the information is freely available.  Browse by topic, series, geographic place, investigator, theme.

Our World in Data

A database of data databases.  Created by Max Roser, economist, Oxford University and staff.  Topics: population, health, energy, environment, growth and inequality, education, politics. 

World Inequality Database

Database of the world's historical and current distribution of wealth and incomes within and between countries.  Coordinated by an executive committee of five co-directors from the Paris School of Economics and University of California Berkeley, with assistance from World Inequality Lab.  Data included comes from national accounts, survey data, fiscal data, wealth rankings. 

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