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Statistics Resources for the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Belgium: France

Find here web and print statistics resources on the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales), Ireland, France, and Belgium Last updated 05-22-2023


France en Bref

At the bottom of this page, click on the link Telecharger la France en Bref.  It is a 17 page PDF in both French and English with basic statistics, charts, graphs on all aspects of French life.  Stats come from INSEE (below here).  The are on: territory, population, living conditions, education/research, economy/public finance, business, agriculture/construction, industry/energy, services/tourism/transport, foreign trade, and France in the EU. 

INSEE, National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies [France]

This web site contains the kinds of statistics one may find in the Annuaire Statistique de la France, Main, HA 1213 .A4. The site also offers links to the Census, to stats on the regions of France and some outre mer (overseas) possessions, to stats offered by other French organizations (for example the Bank of France and the National Institute for Demographic Studies), to economic indicators, to structural enterprise stats, to SIRENE, to stats on French use of information technologies, and lots more. Mostly presented in French language. And, it is current statistics that are offered.  Some related paper volumes are in Remote Storage HC 277 .I47 I57.  Also, see the Older, Paper Sources section of this guide.

Portail de la Statistique Publique Francaise

This web site offers a portal or gateway into the statistical offerings of the French INSEE, the ministry charged with providing French official statistics. We also have a link directly to INSEE in our electronic resources. The site is in French. Searches are possible thematically, by keyword, and by ministerial area. "Autre liens" offers links to some international organizations' statistics of interest.

Portal for open government data from France.  At launch Dec., 2011 offers more than 350,000 different data sets from 90 producers.  Similar in purpose to in the U.S.

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)

Three menu items: About CESSDA, Data Catalogue, and Resources.  Home page has a map indicating member countries.  Click on a country to get to that country's data archive site.  CESSDA's data catalogue may be browsed by topic, keyword, or data publisher. Search box above folder tree.  Goals of CESSDA are to encourage standardization of data and metadata, data sharing, and providing access across repositories, nations, language, and research; it's a legal entity. 

We have some other, mostly older, stats series in paper in Remote Storage.  Do call number searches for these call numbers in our online catalog and also search by their titles, as some have online versions.  HC 271 .A2; .A218;.A22; .A24; .A25; .A4526.  Also HC 276.3 .E86.  Also HC 277 .I47 A87.  Also HC 277 .I47 C45.  And, see the Older, Paper Sources section of this guide.