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CMP 893: Elements & Methods of Research

Library Information Resources and Services for Construction Management Graduate Students

Online Catalog

What Can I Find in the Online Library Catalog?

Books, e-books, magazine and journal titles, newspaper titles, movies, government documents, MSU theses and dissertations, maps, music and audio recordings, music scores, and more...

 The online catalog can be searched in a number of ways including by author, title, subject, and keyword. If you are searching for a particular item you can do a title search.  You can also search for a particular item by doing an author/title or by searching for it by using its ISBN number.  Do a keyword or subject search to locate items relating to a your topic.  Because the subject headings assigned to books may not match the terms you are familiar with, it is often useful to do a keyword search first using the words you are familiar with and then see what subject heading(s) are assigned to the items that seem to be the most useful to you and then doing another search using those subject headings.