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Michigan State University

Michigan Statistics: Transportation

Sources for statistics about the State of Michigan.


Bureau of Transportation Statistics

State Transportation Statistics
A series of reports from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  These reports highlight "
major federal databases and other national sources related to each state's infrastructure, safety, freight movement and passenger travel, vehicles, economy and finance, and energy and the environment. Along with tables generated for each state, the reports describe databases and give information on access, formats, and contact points."

Michigan Department of Transportation
You must enter by broad topic to look for statistics as reports with statistical data are scattered throughout the site.  For example:

MI Travel Counts
"In 2004 and 2005, MDOT conducted the first MI Travel Counts study, a statewide travel survey of more than 14,000 households across the state of Michigan. In 2009, MDOT is conducting a second wave of MI Travel Counts to understand the changes in household travel that may have occurred since 2005."

Public Transit Program Data
Includes local transit facts, intercity bus route statistics, and other public transit statistical reports.

Traffic Crashes
Includes crash data by state and county.

Michigan State Police

Drunk Driving Audit

Traffic Crash Statistics
Includes crashes by county and holiday crash statistics.

Traffic Safety Research
Direct observation surveys of seat belt use, child restraints, motorcycle protective gear, etc.

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute

Michigan Traffic Crash Facts
This web site provides accident quick facts, historical information, special focus like running red lights and heavy trucks/buses, age, alcohol, deer, crash - circumstances common to all traffic units in a crash, vehicle/driver - characteristics specific to individual traffic units, and occupant/person - specific information on each driver and injured person in a crash.