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Native American Studies Research Guide: Indigenous Peoples : North America

Indigenous Peoples : North America

Indigenous Peoples : North America (Gale).    Provides a robust, diverse, and appealing search experience and enables intelligent inquiry into the culture and heritage of indigenous people.  Indigenous Peoples: North America is sourced from both American and Canadian institutions, as well as direct-from-source from newspapers from various tribes and Indian-related organizations. The collection also features indigenous-language materials, including dictionaries, bibles, and primers.  Topics of interest include trade and communication, Arctic exploration and tribes, the Iroquois Confederation, Canadian Catholic Indian missions, Indian removal, Indian wars and the frontier army, establishment of the Canadian Indian and Aboriginal Department, Indian delegations and Indian-federal relations, Canadian Indian treaty policy, government boarding and missionary schools and curricula, Dawes Severalty and the allotment system, dances and festivals, Alaskan Indian policies, Indian languages and linguistics, assimilation and the Indian New Deal, relocation, termination, and the Indian Claims Commission, water and fishing rights, civil rights, radicalism, poverty, and the American Indian movement.  Sales brochureMore information about some of the collections drawn from Wichita State University Libraries. 

Note : access restricted to the MSU community and other subscribers.  Visitors can access the database at the Main Library.