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Major Statistical Indexes and Databases: ProQuest Statistical Insight

Description of the major multidisciplinary subscription statistical indexes and databases at the MSU Libraries

How do I search in ProQuest Statistical Insight?

Use the single search box to start your search and modify using the facets on the left-hand side of the screen.

Consult the Quick Start Guide from ProQuest for a complete overview of how to use ProQuest Statistical Insight. 

What is ProQuest Statistical Insight?

ProQuest Statistical Insight is a database that indexes and abstracts statistical publications and provides direct access to over 400,000 statistical tables. Please keep in mind that indexing is done at the publication level, not the table level.

It is the electronic version of what was originally three different print indexes. You will still see the abbreviations for the indexes (ASI, SRI, IIS) in the publication record numbers.

  1. American Statistics Index (ASI): Federal Sources
    Statistics from all brances and agencies of the federal government.
  2. Statistical Reference Index (SRI): State and Private Sector Sources
    Statistics from state government agencies, private organizations, consumer and trade publications, business organizations, independent research organizations, and university research centers.
  3. Index to International Statistics (IIS): International Intergovernmental Organizations
    Statistics from international intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and many others.

How do I get the full-text of a document that I found in ProQuest Statistical Insight?

I found a citation and abstract for a document in Statistical Insight that I would like to locate.  Where can I get it?

First, check to see if the table is provided directly in Statistical Insight.  Many full-text statistical tables are linked to within the publication record or by using the "Find a Table" search option.  If the table is not provided by Statistical Insight, proceed to these next steps:

There are three different places to look for the full-text of a document:

1.  World Wide Web

Many documents indexed by Statistical Insight are published by government agencies or other organizations that self-publish many of their publications online.  Use Google (or any other search engine) to search for the document.



2.  Library Catalog

The library provides access to many statistical publications in print or electronic form.  Use the library catalog to check for your document.


Advanced Catalog Search


3.  Microfiche Collection

microfiche cardsApproximately 80-90% of all documents indexed in Statistical Insight are available in our microfiche collection. 

The microfiche collection is located in the Main Library on 3 West in the Government Documents microfiche collection.

Microfiche is a 4x6 inch film card with a miniature picture of the document that must be viewed using a microfiche viewer that magnifies and projects the document onto a screen.  It is a preservation, storage, and space-saving format.  Microfiche viewers are located next to the microfiche collection in Hollander MakeCentral (2 West).  These viewers have printing and scanning capability.

Use the Record Number listed near the top of the document abstract to locate the corresponding microfiche card.

Here is a sample Record Number:

2009 IIS 3840-P6.3

2009 - this is the year the document was published.

IIS - the first three letters indicate the index (i.e. collection, set of cabinets) that the document is located in.  The library subscribes to the microfiche collections for the indexes contained in LexisNexis Statistical: American Statistics Index (ASI), Statistical Reference Index (SRI), and Index to International Statistics (IIS).

3840-P6.3 - these are the unique identifier numbers that you will use to locate the document within the appropriate collection.

To locate this microfiche document, you would first go to the IIS microfiche set cabinets.  Next, use the unique identifier 3840-P6.3 to locate the document series.  Finally, use the year 2009 to choose the exact publication.

Floor plan showing location of Statistical Microfiche on 3 West

Please ask at the Reference Desk if you would like assistance.