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Major Statistical Indexes and Databases: Social Explorer

Description of the major multidisciplinary subscription statistical indexes and databases at the MSU Libraries

What is Social Explorer?

Social Explorer is a dynamic database that allows you to create statistical tables and maps of selected U.S. Census data and religion survey statistics.

The following datasets are available:

  • Decennial Census: 1790-2010.
    • 1790 to 1930: County, state and national data.
    • 1940-2010: Census tract, county, state and national data.
  • American Community Survey: 1, 3, and 5 year estimates from 2005-current. This dataset replaced the Decennial Census long-form (detailed variables) after the year 2000 Census.
  • Religious Congregations and Membership Study: 1980-current
  • Religion InfoGroup data: 2009-current

Screenshot of map in Social Explorer

For more information on the availability of U.S. Census data consult the U.S. Census Statistics research guide.