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Philosophy Research Guide: Philosophy Programs & Scholarship

A selection of resources for Philosophy research and scholarship.

Info on Programs and Scholarship

If you are a student considering graduate level work in philosophy or are currently working in philosophy, consider consulting these sites for information on philosophy programs and developments in philosophy scholarship.

American Philosophical Association Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy

Philosophical Gourmet Report: A Ranking of Graduate Programs in Philosophy in the English-Speaking World

Richard Heck's critical commentary "About the Philosophical Gourmet Report"

A User's Guide to Philosophy without Rankings: addresses problems with rankings, in particular the “Philosophical Gourmet Report,” and provides resources for prospective graduate students in philosophy. Written and compiled by Mitchell Aboulafia, a professor of philosophy at Manhattan College.

Pluralist's Guide: A Philosopher's Guide to Graduate Programs: a survey of expert opinion on the best places to study American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Critical Philosophy of Race and Ethnicity, Feminist Philosophy, and LGBTQ+ Studies.

International Directory of Philosophy: lists college and university philosophy departments and programs, philosophical societies, associations, research centers and institutes, journals, and philosophy publishers worldwide.

The UPDirectory: a directory of philosophers from underrepresented groups in philosophy


Subject Guide

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Publishing in Philosophy

Blog of the APA's Journal Survey Project

A project founded by Andy Cullison, this project surveys the experiences of scholars publishing in academic journals to assess the quality of the peer review process, and includes information on average review time, time to publication, acceptance rates, comments per submission, and overall experience with a wide variety of academic journals.