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Appeasement: Great Britain in the 1930s: Guides and Bibliographies on Britain in the 1930s

A guide to researching Great Britain in the 1930s. The Depression. Appeasement of Hitler. General Strike

Guides and Bibliographies on Britain in the 1930s

American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature

Reference and Main D 20 .A55 1995
see volume one, p. 809 for recommended readings on diplomatic and military history: foreign affairs. see volume one, pp. 25-41 for information on individual politicians.

British Foreign Policy, 1918-1945, a Guide to Research and Research Materials

Main DA 578 .A85 1991
earlier edition in Main (1984). Author a faculty member at University of Toronto, Erindale College and author of other works on the 30's. See also similar guides in the same series by Harold James and Diane B. Kunz, Robert J. Young, Christoph M. Kimmich, Geroge W. Baer, Alan Cassels, and Robert H. Johnston. These cover European international economic relations, international organizations, and German, French, Soviet, and Italian foreign policies during the inter-war period. These sources describe how foreign policy was made, discuss public and private archives, libraries, research institutes, etc. and what is in them, provide information on secondary works on the time period, on documentary resources, on memoirs and biography, and on diplomatic events and more for the time period.

Bibliography of British History 1914-1989

Main  DA 566 .R63 1996
Final volume in a highly regarded bibliography series published over many years. The author is a faculty member at University of Wales and author of books on appeasement, Churchill, and modern Britain. This is a good source to find good things to read on politicians, political parties, the British economy, British society, foreign and external relations, the military, etc. all between 1914 and 1989. See especially the chapter 6 External Relations B. Foreign Relations 8. Policy towards Germany in the 1920s, 9. Policy towards Germany in the 1930s, 10. Policy towards Italy 1920-1939, etc.

Loades, Reader's Guide to British History

Reference DA 34 .R43 2003 v. 102
Topical arrangement of bibliographic essays about British history. There is no article on appeasement per se. Instead see v. 1 pp. 244-245, the article on Richard Chamberlain, and v. 2, pp. 1246, 1391, and 1403, articles on World Wars I and II. Each article contains a list of further reading references at the beginning, which are discussed in the entries.

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