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Michigan State University

Appeasement: Great Britain in the 1930s: Free Web Sites

A guide to researching Great Britain in the 1930s. The Depression. Appeasement of Hitler. General Strike

Free Web Sites

History Highway: a 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources Reference and DMC 4 West (CD) D 16.117 .H55 2006

An annotated bibliography of web sites in history.

World War II: a Guide to Selected Resources of the M.S.U. Libraries

Atlantic Archive: UK-US Relations in an Age of Global War, 1939-1945

From the Institute for the Study of the Americas at the University of London.  Repository of primary sources from government documents generated during WWII.  Browse by year, place, government departments of both UK and US, and author name.  Contains formal letters, aide memoires, newspaper articles, government reports, and memoranda.  Has scanned images along side transcriptions of the texts, abstracts, and metadata.  190 documents to start,  with projected 2000 at completion.

British Isles Paid Online Resources

This is a guide to the major electronic resources M.S.U. Libraries has bought or is subscribing to about/from the British Isles.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook

Collection of primary sources of historic documents from the early modern period to the present for both Europe and the Americas. Includes links to other sources of information on modern history and on the nature of historiography, and links to maps, images, and music.

Avalon Project (Yale University Law School)

Yale University Law School's Avalon Project seeks to "mount digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government." The site is simple yet powerful. The documents are presented both chronologically and by topic (under Major Collections), ranging from the Athenian Constitution to the 1992 European Parliament Resolution on the Situation in Tibet. The design of Avalon encourages comparative analysis, in that readers may follow links between related documents available on the site. The documents, unfortunately, lack background materials to put them in historical perspective, but this is an impressive and growing repository of primary sources.

International Churchill Society

This site is the result of a collaboration between leading worldwide Churchill organizations and is the ultimate online resource about the life of Winston Churchill.  In his lifetime Churchill published more than forty books in sixty volumes, as well as hundreds of articles. In 1953 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for his contribution to the written and spoken word. While he is celebrated for his wit and colourful quotations, it is for the impact of his speeches and broadcasts that he is now justly remembered as a Man of Words.  You can listen to him here.  Biographical info.  Links to further resources and to publications.

Churchill Society

Offers Churchill's famous speeches before and during WWII.

Churchill Centre

Also offers full-texts of Churchill's speeches, quotations, stories.

Churchill Papers: a Catalogue

The Churchill Papers, estimated to total one million individual records, are held at the Churchill Archives Centre (Cambridge, UK) and consist of all the original documents accumulated by Winston Churchill during his lifetime. This web site provides information about the papers, a biographical sketch of Churchill, and access to item-level citations of the documents using the catalog of the papers. Search by keyword, index terms, record reference, date range. Refine search by combining or limiting terms. Entries provide date of creation, scope, content, physical description. NO FULL TEXT. Churchill's papers are being microfilmed and catalog entries reflect microfilm availability. Use interlibrary loan. Web site provides info for visiting and using the Churchill Archives Center in UK.

European History Primary Sources

Provides links to free scholarly websites of digitized primary documents and online digital archives on European history.  Browse by country, language, time period, subject or type of source.

National Archives (U.K.)

A simple search for "appeasement" resulted in at least 145 hits.

National Archives: the Cabinet Papers 1915-1982 (U.K.)

Comprehensive access to the Cabinet papers from 1915-1982. The Cabinet is the main body that controls policy and coordinates activities of governmental departments. It is chaired by the Prime Minister and consists of most of the ministerial heads of departments, as well as some additional members. During peacetime it typically consists of 20 members. During the two world wars the size of the Cabinet was reduced to enable rapid decision-making. It proceeds by joint discussion and decision-making, which requires collective responsibility for policy and outcomes. Browse by themes, such as: diplomacy and foreign relations; finance and the economy; total war; empire, commonwealth, and de-colonisation. An interesting section called "Maps in Time" permits examining resources organized geographically in various parts of the 20th century.

A2A Access to Archives

The A2A database contains catalogues describing archives held locally throughout England and dating from the 8th century to the present day. In Jan., 2006 it contained 8.7 million items held in nearly 400 record offices and other repositories.

Finding British Parliamentary Papers in the M.S.U. Libraries, 2007 edition

The purpose of this guide is to describe British Parliamentary documents available in the M.S.U. Libraries in paper, micro, and electronic formats, and to provide directions for their location and use. It is primarily useful for research using 18th through 21st century documents.

Center for Research Libraries

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is a consortium of North American universities, colleges, and independent research libraries. The consortium acquires and preserves newspapers, journals, documents, archives, and other traditional and digital resources for research and teaching and makes them available to member institutions through interlibrary loan and electronic delivery. The Michigan State University Library is a paraticipating member institution.

Great Britain Historical Database Online 1841-1939

Large database of British nineteenth and twentieth-century statistics. It contains: Statistics from the 1861 Census and the Registrar General's reports, 1851-1861; Employment statistics from the census, 1841-1931; Demographic statistics from the census, 1841-1931; Mortality statistics from the Registrar General's reports, 1861-1920; Marriage statistics from the Registrar General's reports, 1841-1870; Trade union statistics for the Amalgamated Society of Engineers (ASE), 1851-1918; Official poor law statistics, 1859-1915 and 1919-1939; Small debt statistics from county courts, 1847-1913." Free but registration is required.

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