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Appeasement: Great Britain in the 1930s: Biographical Information

A guide to researching Great Britain in the 1930s. The Depression. Appeasement of Hitler. General Strike

Biographical Information

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Reference DA 28 .O95 2004
The is the major biographical dictionary for major figures in British life who are deceased. Very scholarly, with further reading references at the conclusion of the articles.  Now available both online and on paper.


For books about a significant person do a subject search last name, first name in the MSU Libraries' online catalog. For books by a significant person do an author search last name, first name inthe MSU Libraries' online catalog. For many of the persons significant in the 1930s we will have many books by and about the individuals. In choosing, be guided by books recommended in entry about the person in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and in the entries in the other encyclopedias, dictionaries, and bibliographies above to choose the best titles. For example, see the "Memoirs and Biographies" section, p. 104- of British Foreign Policy, 1918-1945 and the "Politicians" section, pp. 25-41 of Bibliography of British History.

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