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British Empire and the American Revolution: Book Length Guides and Bibliographies

This is a guide to researching the American Revolution in the M.S.U. Libraries from both the American and British perspectives, but is not heavy into the military dimension. Loyalists. Empire Loyalists.

Book Length Guides and Bibliographies

Guides and bibliographies provide lists, sometimes annotated, of good books and, sometimes, articles, to read on a topic or era. By using one of more of the sources below, the researcher may be able to gather references to specific authors and titles to check in our online catalog much more quickly than searching the online catalog directly by keyword or L.C. subject heading. Be mindful of the date of publication of the bibliography or guide, though. Some are older. Seek more recently written books and articles as well to gain an up-to-date perspective on your topic. Use the indexes in the Periodical Indexes section of this guide to find recently written articles.

History Highway: a 21st Century Guide to Internet Resources Reference and DMC 4 West (CD) D 16.117 .H55 2006

An annotated bibliography of web sites.

American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature

Main and Reference D 20 .A55 1995 v. 1-2

Revolutionary America, 1763-1789, a Bibliography

Main Z 1233 .G43 1984 v. 1-2

War of the American Revolution, a Selected, Annotated Bibliography of Published Sources

Main Z 1238 .B55 1984

Bibliography of Loyalist Source Material in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain

Main Z 1238 .B52 E277

American Controversy, a Bibliographical Study of the British Pamphlets about the American Disputes, 1764-1783

Main Z 1238 .A39 v. 1-2

Loyalist Literature, an Annotated Bibliographic Guide to the Writings on the Loyalists of the American Revolution

Main Z 1238 .A44

Loyalist Imprints Printed in America, 1774-1785

Main Z 1238 .M62

Reader's Guide to American History

Main E 178.1 .R43 1997
See "War of Independence 1775-1783: Military History," and "War of Independence, 1775-1783: Diplomacy." Has articles, with bibliographic references preceeding them, on topics, persons, events, documents. Also "British Americans," "British-French Rivalry in North America," "Declaration of Independence," "France and America, 1760-1815."

American Foreign Relations Since 1600, a Guide to the Literature

Reference E 183.7 .A52 2003 v. 1
See esp. chapters 3 and 4,covering 17th and 18th centuries before the Revolution and diplomacy during the Revolution itself. Profiles both books and articles.

Reader's Guide to British History

Reference DA 34 .R43 2003 v. 1-2
see "American Colonies: First British Empire," v. 1, pp. 23-25 and "American Colonies, Loss of," v. 1, pp. 25-26.

Bibliography of Imperial, Colonial, and Commonwealth History Since 1600

Main DA 123 .B53 2002
Contains chapters of citations on the general, population and environment, social structure, gender, economic activity, slavery, sciences, ideas and learning, arts, religion, constitutional/administrative/legal, politics and political culture, armed forces/wars/defence, and empire/commonwealth/international relations. See esp. pp. 761-64 "War in the American Colonies." Notice that the last section of each chapter is "Printed Primary Sources."

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