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Michigan State University

British Empire and the American Revolution: Anthologies of Primary Sources

This is a guide to researching the American Revolution in the M.S.U. Libraries from both the American and British perspectives, but is not heavy into the military dimension. Loyalists. Empire Loyalists.

Anthologies of Primary Sources

The following books, microforms, and a CD contain copies of documents and records from the Revolutionary period.

American Revolution through British Eyes: a Documentary Collection 

Main E 249.3 .A46 2013 v. 1-2

Colonialism, an International Social, Cultural, and Political Encyclopedia

Main  JV 22 .C59 2003 v. 3

Documents of American Diplomacy from the American Revolution to the Present

Main  E 183.7 .D63 2002

Encyclopedia of American Historical Documents

Main E 173 .E54 2004 v. 1

Documents of American History

Main E 173 .C66

American Archives, Consisting of a Collection of Authentick Records, State Papers, Debates, and Letters and Other Notices of Publick Affairs, the Whole Forming a Documentary History of the Origin...

Government Documents Z 1.1: shelved before the Serial Set.
We have 4th series, v. 1-6 and 5th series, v. 1-3. 5th series ends in 1776.

American Historical and Literary Curiosities: Consisting of Fac-Similes of Original Documents Relating to the Events of the Revolution....

Murray and Hong Special Collections folio Z 42 .S66 1850

American Independence: Did the Colonists Desire It: Letters of John Jay and John Adams....

Microforms PAH RW 239

American Revolution in Context, Original Documents Selected from Archives in the U.S. and G.B.

Microforms 20384 6 reels
Guide at E 208 .A4 1984 Microforms Guides

The American Revolution: Opposing Viewpoints

Main E 208 .A4395

American Revolution, 1763-1783, a Bicentennial Collection

Main E 203 .M87

Birth of the Republic, Compiled from the National and Colonial Histories and Historical Collections, from the American Archives and from Memoirs, and from the Journals and Proceedings of the British .

Main E 211 .G65

Chronicles of the American Revolution

Main E 203 .N69

Colonies to Nation, 1763-1789

Main E 173 .D58 v. 2

Diary of the American Revolution, from Newspapers and Original Documents

Main E 203 .M82 v. 1-2
Main E 203 .M68 (abridged ed.)
Microforms E 208 fiche 1-14
Microforms 1583 reel 283.3

Edwards Lithoprinted Facsimiles. Series A. Documents of the Revolution

Murray and Hong Special Collections Rare E 203 f.E3 a pt. 1-5

Fate of a Nation: the American Revolution through Contemporary Eyes

Main E 208 .C8

Fire of Liberty

Main and Murray and Hong Special Collections Rare E 203 .S7 1983 and 1983b

Fragments of Revolutionary History

Main E 203 .H94 1971

Geburt der USA: German Newspaper Accounts of the American Revolution, 1763-1783

Main E 203 .L4

George Rogers Clark and His Men: Military Records, 1778-1784

Main E 255 f.H35

Historical Americana: Books from which our Early History is Written

Main E 188 .P42 1980

Miscellaneous Manuscripts of the Revolutionary War Era, 1771-1791....

Microforms 27799 1 reel film
Guide at E 262 .P4 P34 1978 Microforms Guides

New Materials for the History of the American Revolution, Translated from Documents in the French Archives

Remote Storage B E 203 .D94 ask at Circulation Desk

Observations on the Fourth and Fifth Articles of the Preliminaries for a Peace with Great Britain....

Microforms microprint 1 no. 44454

Political Sermons of the American Founding Era, 1730-1805

Main BR 115 .P7 P53 1991

Price of Loyalty, Tory Writings from the Revolutionary Era

Main E 277 .C72

Principles and Acts of the Revolution in America, or an Attempt to Collect and Preserve Some of the Speeches, Orations....

Microforms 1583 reel 331.6

Revolution in America, Confidential Letters and Journals, 1776-1784

Main E 268 .B4

Revolutionary Versus Loyalist, the First American Civil War, 1774-1784

Main E 277 .U6

Road to Independence, a Documentary History of the Causes of the American Revolution, 1763-1776

Main E 203 .B7

Salute to Courage, the American Revolution as Seen through Wartime Writings of Officers of the Continental Army and Navy

Main E 203 .S15

Select Documents Illustrative of the History of the United States, 1776-1761

Remote Storage C E 173 .M13 ask at Circulation Desk

Sources and Documents Illustrating the American Revolution, 1764-1788, and the Formation of the Federal Constitution

Main E 203 .M86

Sources of American Independence, Selected Manuscripts from the Collections of the William L. Clements Library

Main E 203 .M53 1978 v. 1-2

Spirit of Seventy-Six

Main E 203 .C69 and 1967

U.S. Colonial History: Readings and Documents

Main E 187 .H4

World of the Founding Fathers

Main E 203 .P33 1977

American Revolution [electronic resource on CD]

Digital and Multimedia Center, 4 West E 208 .A4275 1995 Software 1 CD and 3 guides 4W
Fully indexed and searchable collection of historical primary sources related to the revolutionary period of American history. Includes timelines, essays, document descriptions, picture captions, maps, documents, pictures, paintings, music, legislation, and memoirs.

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