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British Empire and the American Revolution: Biographical Information

This is a guide to researching the American Revolution in the M.S.U. Libraries from both the American and British perspectives, but is not heavy into the military dimension. Loyalists. Empire Loyalists. Last updated 05-24-2023

Biographical Information

Most of the subject dictionaries and encyclopedias in the previous section contain copious numbers of biographical entries. But, there is also a genre of reference works called biographical dictionaries, whose contents comprise entries only for significant people. Several of these works appear below. It would be interesting to study what significant people wrote about the Revolution.

American National Biography

Reference  CT 213.A68 1999
Up to date source of scholarly biography articles of some length, with further reading suggestions, on famous deceased Americans.

Notable American Women, 1607-1950, a Biographical Dictionary

Main CT 3260 .N57 2004 v. 1-3
If your female subject is not in American National Biography, look here. Further reading references.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Main DA 28 .O95 2004 v. 1-60
An enormous, scholarly set containing lengthy biographical articles on famous deceased British persons, with further reading references. Now available both online and on paper.

Great Lives from History, the 18th Century, 1701-1800

Main CT 118 .G74 2006

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