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Michigan State University

Immigrants in the United States: Discovering the Peoples of Michigan

MSU Press publications

Discovering the peoples of Michigan reader (2008) / compiled by Lewis Walker.  115pp.

African Americans in Michigan (2001) / Lewis Walker, Benjamin C. Wilson, Linwood H. Cousins.  63pp.

Albanians in Michigan (2001)  / Frances Trix73pp.

Amish in Michigan (2001)  / Gertrude Enders Huntington.  55pp.

Arab Americans in Michigan (2005) / Rosina J. Hassoun84pp.  Also available online.

Asian Indians in Michigan (2002) / Arthur W. Helweg.  95pp.  Also available online

Belgians in Michigan (2007) / Bernard A. Cook.  110pp.

Chaldeans in Michigan (2005)  / Mary C. Sengstock.  112pp.

Copts in Michigan (2008) / Eliot Dickinson.  92pp.

Cornish in Michigan (2007)  / Russell M. Magnaghi.  101pp.

Danes and Icelanders in Michigan (2014) / Howard L. Nicholson, Anders J. Gillis, and Russell M. Magnaghi.   93pp.

Dutch in Michigan (2002) / Larry ten Harmsel.  48pp.

Ethnicity in Michigan : issues and people  (2001) / Jack Glazier, Arthur W. Helweg.  91pp.

Finland-Swedes in Michigan (2012) / Mika Roinila.  105pp. Also available online.

Finns in Michigan (2009) / Gary Kaunonen.  123pp.

French Canadians in Michigan (2001)  / John DuLong.  56pp.

French in Michigan (2016) / Russell M. Magnaghi.  97pp. 

Germans in Michigan (2002) / Jeremy W. Kilar.  58pp.

Greeks in Michigan (2004) / Stavros K. Frangos.  83pp.  Also available online.

Haitians in Michigan (2010) / Michael Largey.  126pp.

Hmong Americans in Michigan (2014)  / Martha Aladjem Bloomfield.  101pp. Also available online

Hungarians in Michigan (2003) / Éva V. Huseby-Darvas.  108pp.

Irish in Michigan (2006) / Seamus P. Metress and Eileen K. Metress.  92pp. Also available online.

Italians in Michigan (2001) / Russell M. Magnaghi.  55pp.

Jews in Michigan (2001)  / Judith Levin Cantor.  93pp.  Also available online.

Latinos in Michigan (2003) / David A. Badillo. 77pp.  Also available online.

Latvians in Michigan (2005) / Silvija D. Meija.  121pp.  Also available online.

Lithuanians in Michigan (2009) / Marius K. Grazulis.  103pp.

Maltese in Michigan / Joseph M. Lubig.  90pp.

Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Michigan (2003) / Rudolph Valier Alvarado and Sonya Yvette Alvarado.  96pp.  Also available online.

Norwegians in Michigan / Clifford Davidson.  158pp.

Poles in Michigan (2002) / Dennis Badaczewski.  62pp.

Scandinavians in Michigan (2006) / Jeffrey W. Hancks.  86pp.  Also available online.

Scots in Michigan (2003) / Alan T. Forrester.  87pp.  Also available online.

Serbians in Michigan (2014) / Paul Lubotina.  106pp.  Also available online.

Slovenes in Michigan (2017) / James E. Seelye, Jr.  95pp. 

South Slavs in Michigan (2003) / Daniel Cetinich 89pp. Also available online.

Swedes in Michigan / Rebecca J. Mead.  116pp.

Yankees in Michigan (2008) / Brian C. Wilson. 140pp.  Also available online.

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