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Immigrants in the United States: Newspapers

Newspapers in the MSU Libraries

Electronic Resources : Newspapers provides links to both individual newspapers alphabetically as well as links to some of the more popular collections available to the MSU community and to visitors to the MSU Main Library.

In addition, the MSU Libraries offers a separate Newspaper Guide.

Find New America News Feed

New American Media: Expanding the News Lens through Ethnic Media  This site provides a wealth of news and other information from all over the US filtered through ethnic lenses.

Current Ethnic Studies Newspapers

Although not devoted exclusively to newspaper articles, both of these databases offer a healthy number.

Alt-PressWatch (Proquest) : Full-text database of selected newspapers, magazines and journals of the alternative and independent press. Coverage complements the reporting in the mainstream press.

Ethnic NewsWatch (Proquest) : The Ethnic NewsWatch database provides the full text of ethnic and minority newspapers, magazines, and journals in the United States. Coverage varies by paper, but goes as far back as 1960 for some publications.

Ethnic Microfilm Newspapers from the Center for Research Libraries

Scholars and researchers from CRL member institutions (such as Michigan State University) have free and unlimited use of the CRL collections through interlibrary loan via their libraries. The loan period is unlimited, but is subject to possible recall notice. To identify what is available try searching the Center for Research Libraries online catalog.  Browse by country, state, U.S. and Canadian ethnic newspapers, or by Civilian Conservation Corps.

Ethnic Press Database. Thousands of volumes of newspapers were produced in the U.S. by ethnic communities from the Civil War to the late 20th century. The papers mirror the lives, values and everyday concerns of America’s various immigrant communities, from the Chinese- and Polish-Americans of 19th Century Chicago to more recently established communities of immigrants from Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The Center has retrospective holdings of hundreds of ethnic titles and maintains current subscriptions to either newsprint or microfilm editions of the following newspapers (listed under their current titles):

Armenian Hayrenik (Boston) (#8761016)
Carpatho-Russian Truth (Philadelphia) (#27328014)
Chinese Mei-chou Hua mei jih pao (New York) (#8925180)
Hua chiao jih pao (New York) ) (#13925369)
Lien ho jih pao (New York) (#9926281)
Czech Hlas naroda (Chicago) (#9578031)
Nedelni hlasatel (Chicago) (#39392562)
Novy svet (Cleveland) (#9522838)
Danish Danske pioneer (Elmwood Park, IL) (#9665848)
Finnish New Yorkin uutiset (#9335208)
Flemish Gazette van Detroit (#9353749)
French France-Amerique (New York) (#3927122)
German Abendpost und Milwaukee deutsche Zeitung (Chicago) (#9642195)
Amerika Woche (Skokie, IL) (#9328374)
Aufbau (New York) (#2251108)
New Yorker Staats-Zeitung (#25450500)
Greek Hellenikos typos (Chicago) (#9425497)
Ethnikos kerux (New York) (#6836811)
Hungarian Amerikai Magyar nepszava (Cleveland) (#2257472)
Szabadsag (Cleveland) (#2268340)
Italian Italian tribune (Warren, MI) (#9836411)
Post gazette (Boston) (#9529221)
Japanese Nichibei jiji (San Francisco)
Lithuanian Draugas (Chicago) (#9426502)
Naujienos (Chicago) (#9273424)
Sandara (Chicago) (#9493846)
Norwegian Norway times (Brooklyn) (#10802915)
Western Viking (Seattle) (#9665786)
Polish Dziennik zwiazkowy (Chicago) (#9357895)
Portuguese Jornal Portugues (Alameda) (#5686672)
Russian Novoe russkoe slovo (New York) (#2265277)
Serbo-Croatian Hrvatski Tjednik Danica (Chicago)
Slovak Bratstvo (Wilkes-Barre, PA) (#10443362)
Jednota (Cleveland) (#1695479)
Narodne Noviny (Pittsburgh) (#2264538)
Slovenian Ameriska domovina (Cleveland) (#4409084)
Prosveta (Chicago) (#9509957)
Swedish California Veckoblad (Los Angeles) (#9304061)
Norden (Brooklyn) (#9473030)
Nordstjernan (New York) (#24728237)
Svenska Amerikaneren tribunen (Chicago) (#9642253)
New Vestkusten (San Francisco) (#29513598)
Ukrainian Ameryka (Philadelphia) (#7120828)
Svoboda (Jersey City, NJ) (#1766932)
Narodna volia (Scranton) (#2264535)
Welsh Drych a'r Columbia (De Pere, WI) (#14404267)
Yiddish Forverts (New York) (#9836450)

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