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Immigrants in the United States: U.S. Immigration Commission (1907-1910)

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"The United States Immigration Commission was a bipartisan special committee formed in February 1907 by the United States Congress, to study the origins and consequences of recent immigration to the United States. It was a joint committee composed of members of both the House and Senate.[1] It was known as the Dillingham Commission after its chairman, Republican Senator William P. Dillingham of Vermont."  ("United States Congress Joint Immigration Commission (est. 1907)" Wikipedia [accessed Jan. 21, 2014)

For a history of the Commission, see Zeidel, Robert F. Immigrants, Progressives, and exclusion politics : the Dillingham Commission, 1900-1927

Full reports of the Commission:

Reports of the Immigration Commission  Print version   Microfiche version  Online version

Individual Reports

Abstracts of reports of the Immigration Commission, with conclusions and recommendations and views of the minority Print version  Online version

Changes in bodily form of descendants of immigrants [Preliminary report]

Changes in bodily form of descendants of immigrants. (Final report).

Children of immigrants in school  Print version  Online version

Dictionary of races or peoples ... 1911 edPrint version  Online version  

Emigration conditions in Europe [Final report]

Fecundity of immigrant women

Immigrants as charity seekers

Immigrants in cities: a study of the population of selected districts in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Cleveland, Buffalo, and Milwaukee

Immigrants in industries

Immigration and crime

Immigration legislation. 1. Federal immigration legislation. 2. Digest of immigration decisions. 3. Steerage legislation, 1819-1908. 4. State immigration and alien laws

immigration situation in other countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil

Importing women for immoral purposes : a partial report from the Immigration Commission  1911 ed. Microfiche version  Online versions: Gale version   Gerritsen version ProQuest version  1981 reprint

Occupations of the first and second generations of immigants in the United States. Fecundity of immigrant women

Statistical review of immigration, 1820-1910. Distribution of immigrants, 1850-1900

Statement relative to the work and expenditures of the Immigration commission created under section thirty-nine of the immigration act of February 20, 1907 Print version  Online versions: Hathi   ProQuest

Statements and recommendations submitted by societies and organizations interested in the subject of immigration

Steerage conditions, importation and harboring of women for immoral purposes, immigrant homes and aid societies, immigrant banks  

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