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U.S. Federal Legislative Information: Votes

Finding bills, laws, congressional debate, voting records, hearings and more


Not all floor votes are roll call votes ie the votes of individual members may not be recorded.

A House Judiciary Commitee clerk holds the completed roll call tally sheet after the impeachment vote on the second impeachment article against President Clinton, Friday, Dec. 11, 1998.

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Voting Records



Search Tips

Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House Roll Call Votes



Must know approximate congressional session or date.

U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes




Hein: Congressional Record and Index

Also available in print and fiche in GovDocs 3West NonCirc.


(Bound edition has a publication time lag of 3-4 years.)

Subject index to votes in the Index ("Votes in Senate" and "Votes in House" or "Yea-and-Nay Votes"). Votes are not identified by party or by state.

Congressional votes database (Washington Post) 




CQ Almanac 


Compiles weekly voting charts from CQ Weekly. Includes subject index to votes and party membership.

Before 1987 does not use the same vote numbers as in the Record - see cross-reference at top corner of the page the vote chart appears on.

Congressional Roll Call (print publication)



Includes subject index to votes.

ICPSR data files 

Some roll call data sets: Roll Calls of the Continental Congresses and the Congresses of the Confederation, 1777-1789 and United States Congressional Roll Call Voting Records, 1789-1998.