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U.S. Federal Legislative Information: Documents

Finding bills, laws, congressional debate, voting records, hearings and more

House and Senate Documents

Documents originate from congressional committees or the entire House or Senate. They can contain Presidential messages proposing new legislation or vetoes of legislation proposed by Congress. Executive and Treaty Documents are issued by the Senate when the President asks it to ratify a treaty.

They cover a wide range of topics and most do not have anything to do with a specific piece of legislation.

House and Senate Documents



Search Tips

Proquest Congressional 


Full text 1817-1969, selected full text 1995-; index 1970-2003.

Also available in the Serial Set module

Use the Search by Number function to search for documents by citation.

FDsys Congressional Documents 




GovDocs 3West on paper and microfiche.


Check catalog for holdings.

Pre-1978 reports are part of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. Use LexisNexis Congressional to find the Serial Set volume.