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International Relations: International Institutions

Covers international law, institutions, theory of international relations, foreign policy, international political economy, environment, human rights, food security, national security.

Search IGOs

IGO Search via the Union of International Associations allows you to search the publicly available information at more than 3,000 international organizations.

International Organizations - U. Colorado Library search engine

Other MSU Library Guides

International Government Organizations  : A guide by Julia Frankosky, MSU Government Information Librarian.

Finding Journal Articles and Papers

Political Science Complete. Provides full text for over 500 publications, and cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for more than 1995 journals. The database also features more than 189 full-text reference books and monographs, and over 27,000 full text conference papers, including those of the International Political Science Association.

Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO). Indexes and selectively publishes post-1990 scholarship and reports on international affairs. Provides full-text access to relevant Columbia University Press titles and many recent journals, papers from university research institutes and non-governmental organizations, foundation-funded research projects, and conference proceedings. CIAO also has links to international affairs centers, institutes, and other resources; U.S., international, and foreign government sites; environmental studies web pages; and news media services.

Background Sources

Encyclopedia Britannica - concise description of scope of the terminology

Europa World Year Book - Presents political and economic information on countries and territories as well as international organizations. Features statistical data and directories.

Historical Dictionary of International Organizations (2nd. ed.) Referende JZ 3848 .S34 2010  :  Overarching guide to organizations published by Scarecrow Press, which also has published more comprehensive guides to organizations by region or focus area. Compiled by MSU's Prof. Michael Schechter, his introduction to the field is very useful for understanding the development of international organizations.

Political Handbook of the World (part of the CQ Press political reference suite) : A collection of comprehensive country profiles chronicling each nation's political history, government, leadership, elections, and political parties that includes profiles of intergovernmental organizations, development banks, and the agencies and specialized bodies of the United Nations.

State Department - Bureau of International Organization Affairs - Official U.S. government involvement with international organizations, covers issues and organizations.

Useful Websites

International Organizations Research Guide - very thorough guide from the American Society of International Law

International Organizations - useful tab from a guide on international law from the NYU Law Library

International Organizations: search and browse - a great site put together at the UC Berkeley Library access to full text databases of IGOs

International Relations and Security Network - open source digital library of reports, studies, etc. from think tanks, research institutes and NGOs from around the globe

U.S. Institute for Peace - alphabetical list of links to hundreds of international organizations

Subject Guide

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