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Electronic Textbook (eTexts) Pilot @ MSU: eText Features

This guide is designed to help students in MSU's Fall 2012 eText pilot courses (ADV205, ISS310-005, NUR823/837, & TC101).

Highlights, Notes, Questions

Highlighting: To highlight, simply click and drag over the text you want to highlight. When the pop-up dialog box appears, select a highlight color.

Notes: To create an annotation (a note that goes with a block of highlighted text), click and drag over the text you wish to annotate. When the pop-up dialog appears, click "Add Note". The "Add Note" dialog box will allow you to write your note/annotation and add tags (ex: quiz 1, vocab). You can also select a highlight color. You must click Save to save your note.

You may also add a sticky note, which allows you to place a note anywhere on the page, including over figures or diagrams. To create a sticky note, click anywhere on the page where there is no text. An "Add Note" pop-up dialog will appear. After entering your text, select Save. You'll then have a sticky note icon (looks like a post it note) that you can drag anywhere on the page.

Questions:  Students can ask their instructors questions by selecting the check-box next to "Post as a question" in the notes pop-up dialog box. This will alert the instructor that a student has a question and the instructor can respond. *Important: your instructor may choose to not use the question feature, which means he or she may not respond to questions posted through Courseload. Before using this feature, you may want to ask your instructor if he/she plans to use the Courseload question feature.*

Highlights, Notes, and Questions from Courseload on Vimeo.

Searching eTexts

You can use the searchbox in the top right-hand section of Courseload to search your eText and your notes. The video tutorial below shows this in great detail.

Searching Digital Materials from Courseload on Vimeo.


Sharing and Viewing Notes

You can choose to share your notes with classmates and/or your instructor. Below the eText title in the left navigation pane, you should see a Sharing button (next to the Print button). When you select the Sharing button, a Sharing Settings dialog box opens (see the screenshot below). This is where you can elect to hide your notes from your instructor or to share your notes with all or certain classmates. Note: if you hide your notes from your instructor, you will not be able to post questions to your instructor using the notes feature in Courseload. Also, if you hide your notes at the beginning of the semester, but then deselect this option in the middle, your instructor will be able to see all notes, not just the ones you made after the time when you deselected the option to hide notes from your instructor.

This video tutorial demonstrates how to share your notes. 

This video tutorial shows how you one way to view your notes, and notes from your instructor or classmates.

Offline Access (for Offline Reading)

As of 8/28/12, Courseload is updating its offline access option and is currently unavailable. According to this page:, Courseload indicates offline access should be restored by the end of August. This section will be updated once offline access is up and running again.

Printing from Courseload

You can print your entire eText (50 pages at a time) directly from Courseload. You should see a print button in the left navigation panel of Courseload (it appears under the title of the eText). See the screenshot below, or view this tutorial on printing from Courseload.

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