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Electronic Textbook (eTexts) Pilot @ MSU: Home

This guide is designed to help students in MSU's Fall 2012 eText pilot courses (ADV205, ISS310-005, NUR823/837, & TC101).

Who has access to eTexts?

For the Fall 2012 MSU eText pilot, only students and instructors in the below courses/sections have access to eTexts.

  • ADV205 - all sections
  • ISS310 - section 005
  • NUR823/837 - all sections
  • TC101 - all sections

What are eTexts?

In most instances, eTexts refer to electronic versions of textbooks. But, eTexts can mean a lot more! eTexts can also refer to content that accompanies, or is embedded in, electronic textbooks (videos, links, presentations, assignments/exercises, etc.).

Information about MSU's eText Pilot

This fall, over 1,000 MSU students in four courses, listed below, will participate in an electronic textbook (eText) pilot. This is an exciting opportunity for students to use electronic textbooks (that they don't have to pay for!) and provide MSU with valuable feedback about their experiences.

  • Students in eText pilot courses will be provided eText(s) at no cost, as the pilot is funded and supported by the Office of the Provost.
  • MSU will be using the Courseload platform to access, view, and interact with eTexts.
  • Courseload allows users to search, bookmark, highlight, and add and share notes/annotations.
  • Courseload integrates seamlessly with course management systems and is compatible with any modern web browser and multiple devices.
  • Near the end of the fall 2012 semester, students will be invited to participate in a brief survey to measure eText perceptions and use.  

The following courses and sections are participating in the Fall 2012 electronic textbook pilot at MSU:

  • Advertising 205 (ADV205) - all sections / Instructor: Jan Bukovac Phelps
  • Integated Studies in Social Sciences 310 (ISS310) - section 005 only / Instructor/TA: Craig Harris, Ryan Gunderson
  • Nursing 823/837 (NUR823/837) - all sections / Instructors: Kathy Dontje, Linda Keilman, Kara Schrader
  • Telecommunication 101 (TC101) - all sections / Instructors/TAs: Robby Ratan, Julia Crouse, Dave McCarty, Laeeq Khan