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Buddhism: Indexes to Periodicals

This guide provides basic reference sources, periodical indexes, sacred texts, and suggested popular works about Buddhism.

Indexes to Periodicals

Use an index to identify scholarly periodical articles.  The steps in the process are:

Choose an index from the list below.

Do the search, using keywords or controlled vocabulary or both. Suggestions for possible subject headings, to help you get started, appear at the end of the annotation for each index listed here.

Modify the strategy to improve results, if necessary.

Understand the citations retrieved.  In many cases there will be two titles found; one is the title of the journal article itself and the other is title of the scholarly journal containing the article.   Either write down the citations to the journal titles, volumes, pages, and dates of issue, OR print, save, e-mail, or export the citations retrieved from the database.

Find the full text of the article in the Library, by following links to full-text as they appear in your search, or by looking up the journal titles in the online catalog and going to the stacks.  The full texts of the articles may be online, on paper, or on microform.

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