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Classroom Assessment Techniques: CAT Basics and Tools for Librarians: Written Responses

Collecting Written Responses

Time: 1-2 minutes

1. Prepare a Power Point slide or Word document with a question or two on it, choose questions and write them on a whiteboard, or prepare an open-ended question form with Googe Forms or other polling software. See boxes below for sample questions.

2. At the end of class, or at another appropriate point during class, show the slide/document or write down the questions, have students write down their responses on a blank sheet of paper or type directly into the online form. Make sure that the students do not put their names on the paper or form unless they would like you to contact them.

3. If you use paper, have the students hand the papers to you as they leave.

Minute Paper prompts

Assess your Teaching: Student Reactions

Sample Questions:

  • What was the most (choose a word: important, valuable, useful, relevant) thing you learned today?

  • What would you still like to know more about?

  • In what way has this class been helpful?

  • What was the "muddiest point" of what we discussed in class today?

  • Is there anything that you would like more practice with?

  • Is there anything that you're not quite clear on from today's session?

Summary and Paraphrase prompts

Assess Learning: Skills and Attitudes

You can ask students to summarize or paraphrase specific portions of what you've learned in class.

Sample questions:

  • What features of the library most stood out to you?
  • How can you identify a scholarly publication?
  • How would using a primary source affect your research project?

Online minute paper using Google Forms

Poll Everywhere Feedback

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