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Classroom Assessment Techniques: CAT Basics and Tools for Librarians: Simple Polling Tools

Simple Polling Tools

Polling can be used to assess previous knowledge, check for understanding, start a discussion, ask a question where students would be more comfortable responding anonymously (in lieu of raising hands), or for many other tasks. The following three polling tools can all be embedded into a Libguide.

Libguide polls:

  • very easy and fast to create within a Libguide - just a "user input" box type
  • Real-time results
  • Data remains with box: no way to export out of the guide

Google Form polls:

  • Lager variety of question types - mulitple choice, Likert scale, etc.
  • Data stored in a Google spreadsheet
  • Option to display previous responses by linking out of the form

Poll Everywhere:

  • Results appear in real time
  • Embed into PowerPoint
  • Multiple choice or text response
  • Students can text or go to website or widget to submit


  • Similar features to Poll Everywhere

Sample Libguide Poll

What tool that we talked about today do you think you're most likely to use in your instruction?

Sample Libguide Poll
Google Forms: 20 votes (57.14%)
Poll Everywhere: 13 votes (37.14%)
Worksheets: 2 votes (5.71%)
Discussion: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 35

Poll Everywhere Web Voting Link

Poll Everywhere Live Chart Widget