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Michigan State University

Classroom Assessment Techniques: CAT Basics and Tools for Librarians: Embedding a Google Form into Libguides


1. Go to Google and click "SIGN IN."

   For MSU users: enter your MSU e-mail address, no password. You'll be taken to Single Sign On to complete logging in.

2. Click "Drive" on the top bar, then "New," "More," and select "Form" to begin creating the form.

3. After you're done creating your form, click "SEND" and choose the <> symbol for the embed code.

5. Copy the highlighted HTML.

6. Open your Libguide. Create a new tab or or use a larger column on an existing tab. Click "Add new box."

7. Click "Select the Content Box Type" and choose "Rich Text/Dynamic Content/Scripts"

8. Add a title and click "Create Box."

9. In the new box, click "Add/Edit Text."

10. When the new box opens, make sure you are in the Rich-Text Editor view. Click the "HTML" icon on the right end of the bottom row of icons.

11. Paste the HTML code from the Google form, and click "Save and Close."