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Drug Resources: Drug References

This guide lists a variety of resources that MSU students, staff, and faculty can use to research pharmaceuticals. It includes both MSU licensed products and free, vetted, online resources.

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General Drug References Online

These references provide information on drug classification, dosage, administration route, ingredient name, proprietary name, potency, indications, contraindications, use in children/adults/geriatric populations, warnings, and other labeling and dispensary information.


MSU Licensed Databases

MSU Libraries does not subscribe to the pharmaceutical databases Lexicomp or Micromedex. If you are affiliated or rotating at a hospital these may be available through them. Contact your hospital librarian for more information.

Many of our current database resources have drug information in them. The scope and number of drugs in each product differs and we suggest searching a few different databases and using both the generic and trade name for a drug to find the best results.

clinicalkey drug monographs drop down box from search box menu

Online Resources: General Information from the National Library of Medicine

Online Resources from Regulatory Agencies