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LGBTQ+ Resources in Special Collections: LGBTQ+ communities

LGBTQ People of Color

We have many newsletters and publications by and about LGBTQ people of color. Construct a keyword search, such as asian american and bisexuals:

african american





asian american gay men
hispanic american gays
indians of north america lesbians
minorities transgender people
color or colour transsexuals

Lesbian publications

Early lesbian publications in our collection include:

The Ladder. New York: Arno Press, [1961-1976].

Ain't I a woman? Iowa City: Publications Collective, Iowa City WLF, 1970-1973.

Sisters. San Francisco: Daughters of Bilitis, San Francisco Chapter, 1971-1975.

The Furies. Washington, D.C.: Furies Collective, 1972-1973.

Amazon Quarterly. Oakland: Amazon Press,1973-1974.

Lesbian connection. East Lansing: Ambitious Amazons, 1974-

So's your old lady. Minneapolis: Lesbian Resource Center, 1975-1977.

Bisexual identity

Periodicals in our collection include:

Anything that Moves: Beyond the Myths of Bisexuality. San Francisco: Bay Area Bisexual Network. 1991-2001.

BiFocus. Philadelphia: BiFocus, 1991-1994.

Bi women: the newsletter of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network. Cambridge: BBWN, 1992-1994.

North Bi Northwest. Seattle: Seattle Bisexual Women's Network, 1994.

Bi all means! Milwaukee: Bi Definition, 1999.

For a broader search, use the subject headings: Bisexuals or Bisexuality.

Transgender periodicals

Early titles in our collection include:

Transvestia. Los Angeles: Chevalier Publications, 1962-1979.

Vanguard. San Francisco: Vanguard Publications, Inc., 1966-1967.

Erickson Educational Foundation newsletter. Baton Rouge: Erickson Educational Foundation, 1972.

FTM. San Francisco: [publisher not identified], 1987-1994.

The Tri-Esse Femme Mirror: The Official Publication of the Society for the Second Self, Inc. Tulare: the society, 1989 to 2001.

Tapestry Journal. Waltham, MA: IFGE. MSU has issues from 1991-1995. Continued by Transgender Tapestry.

TransSisters : the journal of transsexual feminism. Kansas City: Skyclad Publishing Co., 1993-1995.

The Transsexual Voice. Atlanta: P. Smith, 1994.

AEGIS news. Decatur: American Educational Gender Information Service, 1995.

Transgender Tapestry. Waltham: IFGE, 1995-2008. Continues with Tapestry Journal.

See the resource guide Transgender Voices in Special Collections for a more thorough exploration of our holdings.

Trans, Non-binary, Genderqueer, and Gender nonconforming

For works that include trans, non-binary, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming identity, use the following subject headings:

Queer Zines

We have a growing collection of zines, a form of independent media.

Search for LGBTQ zines with a keyword search.

Two-Spirit people

For publications about Two-spirit (2S) people, use the subject heading two-spirit people.


Use the subject headings Asexuality or Asexual people for better search results.


Greater Lansing based publications and organizations:

Sunflower, Lansing: [publisher not identified], 1972.

Lesbian connection. East Lansing: Ambitious Amazons, 1974-

Lesbian center newsletter. Lansing: Let's Be An Apple Pie, 1975-1977.

Helen Diner Memorial Women's Center. East Lansing: Amazing Amazons, 1977-1996.

LAHR newsletter. Lansing: Lansing Association for Human Rights, 1979-1990.

Lansing Area Lesbian/Gay Hotline records. Lansing: Lansing Association for Human Rights, 1981-1997.

Lesbian alliance. East Lansing: Greater Lansing Women's Association, 1986-1992.

Parents FLAG/Lansing newsletter. Okemos : Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, 1988-1990.

Letters from Harriet. East Lansing: Mad River Press, 1994-1995.

Bar culture

Titles in our collection include:

QQ magazine. New York: Queen's Quarterly Pub. Co., 1971-1979.

Rapping Paper. Toledo: Paramount Publications, 1975-1977.

Metra Magazine. Ferndale: Metra, Inc., 1980-2018.

Cruise Weekly. Detroit: T. Rome Enterprises, 1981.

Bob Damron's Address Book. San Francisco: Bob Damron Enterprises, 1988-1992.

Betty & Pansy's severe queer review of New York City. San Francisco: Bedpan Productions, 1994.

Bar Dykes. Brooklyn: Pegacorn Press, 2019.

You can also search by subject heading.

Leather lifestyle

You can search leather lifestyle as a Library of Congress subject heading!

Titles in our collection include:

Drummer. San Francisco: Desmodus, Inc., 1975-1998.

The Leather journal. West Hollywood: Cedar Pub. Corp., 1987-2015.

Leather/Levi Lexicon. San Francisco:  Leather/Levi Lexicon, 1989-1991.

Leather pride! Seattle: Leather Pride Project, 1996-2000.

Leathermen speak out : an anthology on leathersex. San Francisco: Leyland Publications, 1991.

Leathermen speak out volume 2 : an anthology on leathersex. San Francisco: Leyland Publications, 1993.

Alison Kaine mystery series. Norwich: New Victoria Publishers, 1993-1995.

S & M : studies in dominance & submission. Amherst: Prometheus Book, 1995.

Manifest reader. Forestville: Alternate Pub, 1995.

Bound together : leather, sex, archives, and contemporary art. Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2020.

Making contact

Bachelor. Philadelphia: The Bachelor Inc. MSU has issues from 1937.

Advocate Classifieds. Los Angeles: Liberation Publications. MSU has issues from the mid-1990s.

Unzipped. Los Angeles: SLI. Continues Advocate Classifieds. MSU has issues from 1997 to 2002.

Gay Truckers Classifieds. Houston: LeDucq. MSU has issues from 2004-2007.

Lesbian Connection. Lansing, MI: Ambitious Amazons. MSU has issues from 1974-present.

Drummer. San Francisco: Desmodus Inc. MSU has issues from 1975-1998.

Tom of Finland

You can find examples of the work of "Tom of Finland" (Touko Laadsonen), a noted illustrator of homoerotica.

Search for Tom of Finland as a subject to find exhibit catalogs, histories and collections of his work.
Search Tom of Finland as an author to find books and magazines where his work originally appeared.

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