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Agriculture Research Guide: World Food Prize

This is a general guide to finding information on agricultural subjects including crops, soils, forages, farm management, agricultural and biosystems engineering, and sustainable agriculture (SARE).

World Food Prize - Guide information

This is a general guide to finding openly accessible information on the topics associated with the World Food Prize event.

This first page provides links to general information that can be use across all topics, and some of those specific to Michigan residents. The second page provides resources associated directly with each topic.

Guide creator: Suzanne Teghtmeyer, MSU Agriculture, Plant Science, and Reference Librarian. Contact information at this link.

World Food Prize - About


Event Information


For more information on how to get involved with the 2023 Michigan Youth Institute, contact:
Brian Wibby, M.S.S.A., Extension Educator, Email: Phone: (906) 251-1417
Debra Barrett, Senior Extension Educator, Email: Phone: (269) 240-1986

General Country Resources

Teens and Cultures

In Michigan - access to Resources

Additional Resources

Writing Tools

Science at MSU

Global Food Security Challenge Curriculum