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Agriculture Research Guide: World Food Prize - Topic Areas

This is a general guide to finding information on agricultural subjects including crops, soils, forages, farm management, agricultural and biosystems engineering, and sustainable agriculture (SARE).

Animal Agriculture - The care and breeding of livestock, poultry and aquaculture

Climate Volatility - Adapt agricultural practices and policies to respond to significant changes in the Earth’s climate

Dietary Diseases - Disease caused by unhealthy diets and a lack of exercise

Foreign Aid - Assistance given by one nation to another for humanitarian relief or development efforts

Infectious Diseases - Infections and illnesses that can be spread from one person to another, or between animals and humans

International Trade - The exchange of capital, goods, and services between countries

Policy & Governance - The implementation of policies, processes and structures that determine how power is distributed and shared

Renewable Energy - Energy created from naturally occurring sources such as water, wind, solar and biofuels

Spoilage & Waste - Food that is lost, spoiled or discarded in production postharvest, processing or consumption

Water & Sanitation - Clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal to improve human hygiene and health

Animal Health - Protect and improve the health, safety, and quality of livestock, poultry and aquaculture

Conflict - Political, economic, environmental, or social disagreements, violence or armed conflict

Education - The delivery of knowledge, skills, and information

Human Rights - Rights that all people are equally entitled to regardless of their nationality, sex, race, ethnicity, religion, language, etc

Infrastructure - The physical structures and facilities critical for the operation of a society such as roads, bridges, power, etc

Malnutrition - Deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy, protein and nutrients

Plants - Utilizing plants to increase and improve food, nutrition, medicine, fibers, fuels and other products

Populations - The characteristics and movements of a population including urbanization, migration and growth

Sustainable Agriculture - Best practices to grow food and fiber for long term environmental, economic and social success

Water Scarcity - The lack of available water resources to meet the demands within a region