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Collection Development Policy Statement: Changing Men Collections

Purpose or Scope of Collection

A. Curricular/Research/Programmatic Needs

The Changing Men Collections (CMC) supports the instruction and research needs of MSU students, faculty, and staff across numerous disciplines and levels in the University. In addition, the CMC also supports the research needs of visiting scholars and the public.

 B. History of the Collection/Exisiting Strengths and Emphases

The CMC has grown from an initial donation of materials from the National Organization for Changing Men (NOCM) by Art Stawinski in 1990, to become the pre-eminent collection of material chronicling the contemporary men's movement in all its manifestations in the United States and the world. Although a few purchases of materials have been made over the past decades, the CMC has grown almost exclusively from donations from individuals, groups, and organizations.  The collection includes books, serials, ephemera, and archival collections covering a wide range of topics and issues within the contemporary men's movement.  Researchers will discover material on father's rights, mythopoetic men's movement, the National Organization of Men Against Sexism, the ManKind Project, the Chicago Men's Gathering, National Conference on Men and Masculinity, Berkeley Men's Center, Men Sharing (Boston), Knoxville Men's Resource Center, The Nuturant Male, Vietnam Vets, the Radical Faeries, and hundreds more. 

The CMC is especially strong in serial holdings with almost 400 cataloged newsletters and magazines of the various branches of the contemporary men's movement worldwide. There are also hundreds of vertical files of miscellaneous clippings, flyers, brochures, and articles on contemporary issues affecting men. The Men's Studies Bibliography (MSS 227), formerly at M.I.T is now housed in the CMC, as is the Changing Men Collections Archive (MSS 228), a vast collection of donated material from individuals, groups, and organizations.















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