Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Changing Men Collections

A. Chronology

While the roots of the contemporary men's movement go back to the late 1960s, there may be important books and materials before this date which would enrich the research value of the CMC. This material should be considered for adding to the collection. Overall, however, collecting is mainly focused on the period 1965 to the present.

B. Language

The CMC is home to materials in languages other than English since the intent of the collection is to offer men's movement materials from around the world. There should be no exclusions based on language, but preference is often given to English, which users find more accessible.

C. Geography

Preference for material is not limited by geography.

D. Types and formats of materials

The CMC is a contemporary collection and reflects the times in which it exists. The collection contains printed material, handwritten material, realia, audio-visual media material, and born digital material. Future acquisitions will no doubt include these types of formats, and possibly more as they are developed and used.