Michigan State University

Collection Development Policy Statement: Changing Men Collections

A. Anticipated Future Trends

Although it is difficult to predict future trends, the CMC will continue to collect past and present materials from all branches of contemporary men's movement worldwide. Underlying this collecting will be a continued reliance on donations from the hundreds of donors who have supported the collections with their donations since 1990.

B. Relationship to resources treated in other policy statements

Given the interdisciplinary nature of the CMC, collecting crosses into other policies, but none more than the Women's Studies and Gender statement and the LGBTQ+ policy in Special Collections. Communication is necessary between the two curators to ensure material and opportunities are not missed or duplicated.

C. Endowments

Currently the Changing Men Collections Endowment Fund is fully funded. The endowment exists to assist in the acquisition, preservation, and maintenance of the CMC. In previous years funds from the endowment were used to pay for the organization and upkeep of the CMC Archive, selected acquisitions, and labor.