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Historical U.S. Newspapers on Microfilm

Some are shelved by title in the Microfilm section of 2 West; newspapers that have been assigned accession numbers are now located in Remote Storage.

Atlanta Constitution.  1869-1875; 1881-2001; 2001 to date.  Shelved by title.

Baltimore Sun1919-1970.  Shelved by title.

Boston Globe.  1960-1980, 1989-present.  Shelved by title.

Chicago Tribune 1853-1858, 1858-1859, 1859-1860, Oct. 25, 1860-Aug. 20, 1864, July 1864-Dec. 1872, Oct. 9, 1872-Feb. 16, 1963, Feb. 17, 1963 to date.  Shelved by title.

Cleveland Call and Post.  May 19, 1962 - Dec. 25, 1971.  Microfilm 12080

Denver Post. July 1946-1980. Microfilm 13224

Detroit Free Press. 1858-present. Shelved by title.

Detroit News1978-present.  Shelved by title.

Houston ChronicleMay 2011-present.    29171 Microfilm

Lansing State Journal. 1960-19801980-present.  Shelved by title. (1960-1980 called State Journal)  For a complete run of the LSJ (back to 1879) on microfilm visit the Capital Area District Library (CADL).

Los Angeles Times1971-1980, 1985-present.  Shelved by title.

Madison Capital Times1890-1977.  Microfilm 13569

Milwaukee Journal1890-1980.  Microfilm 11005

New Orleans Times-Picayune1837-1872. Microfilm 14859.  Dec. 15, 1918-1980.  Microfilm 12782

New Pittsburgh Courier (African American Newspaper).  1923-1950, 1950-1954, 1955-1966, 1966-present. Microfilm 2688

New York Herald Tribune  May 1926-May 1965 Microfilm 1703

New York Sun. 1833-1947. Microfilm 12826

New York Times1857-present.  Shelved by title.

New York World. 1865-1931.  shelved under Microfilm 4278.

San Francisco Examiner. 1889-1902 shelved under Microfilm 29085.  1902-1980.  Shelved by title.

St. Louis Post Dispatch. 1874-1980 shelved under Microfilm 4003.

State News (MSU Campus Newspaper).  1909-1925, 1925-1962, 1962-2009.  Shelved by title.  Earlier issues called Holcad.  Note: State News Card Index, Jan 1975 thru May 1985, available at Reference Desk.      State News Article Index available online for 1986-1996.

Wall Street Journal1899-1959, 1959-present.  Shelved by title.

Washington Post1877-1887, 1904:July-1954, 1954-1959, 1959-1973, 1974-present.  Shelved by title.

Historical International Newspapers on Microfilm

Globe and Mail (Toronto). 1898-1914, 1971-present

Le Monde (Paris). 1956, 1965-1980.

Sunday Times (London). 1900-1904, 1904-1931, 1931-present

Times of London1906-present

Michigan Newspapers Available at the Library of Michigan

Note:  (* indicates incomplete holdings – see ANSWER for more details)  Other microfilm Michigan newspapers may be available at the Library of Michigan.  Search ANSWER for other possible titles and variant titles.

Arenac Standish Arenac County Independent  1972-2000
Arenac Standish Arenac County Independent and Omer Progress  1952-1963*
Barry Hastings Barry County Pioneer 1851-1855
Barry Hastings Barry Pioneer 1857-1862*
Bay Bay City Bay City Press and Times 1863-1864
Bay Bay City Semi-Weekly Press and Times 1864-1864 
Benzie Benzonia Benzie Banner 1969-1975  
Benzie Beulah Benzie County Record-Banner 1975-1976 
Benzie Thompsonvile News (Thompsonville, Mich.) 1900-1901
Benzie Thompsonvile Thompsonvile News 1901-1947*
Cass Dowagiac Cass County Republican (Dowagiac, Mich: 1856) 1858-1880* 
Charlevoix Boyne City Charlevoix County Press 1977-1991*
Charlevoix Boyne City Citizen Journal (Boyne City, Mich.) 2001-2006
Charlevoix East Jordan Charlevoix County Herald 1943-1951*
Charlevoix East Jordan East Jordan Journal 1993-1998
Charlevoix East Jordan East Jordan News-Herald 1953-1967*
Charlevoix East Jordan Jordan Journal (East Jordan, Mich.) 1998-2001
Charlevoix East Jordan Torch & East Jordan Journal 1992-1993
Cheboygan Cheboygan Northern Tribune (Cheboygan, Mich.) 1875-1885*
Eaton Bellevue Bellevue Gazette (Bellevue, Mich.) 1908-1985*
Genesee Burton Flint Voice (Burton, Mich.) 1977-1982
Genesee Burton Michigan Voice 1983-1986
Genesee Flint Flint Voice (Flint, Mich.) 1987-1987
Gogebic  Ironwood Auttaja 1906-1967*
Huron Harbor Beach Harbor Beach News 1911-1912
Huron Harbor Beach Harbor Beach Times 1899-1998*
Huron Harbor Beach Times (Harbor Beach, Mich.) 1998-2000
Huron Pigeon Progress-Advance  1983-1992
Huron Sand Beach Huron County News (Sand Beach, Mich.) 1862-1863
Huron Sand Beach Huron Times (Sand Beach, Mich.)  1880-1898
Huron Sand Beach Sand Beach Times 1898-1899
Ingham Lansing Lansing Journal (Lansing, Mich. : 1887) 1905-1905
Iron Iron River  Daily Reporter (Iron River, Mich.) 1921-1922 
Iron Iron River Iron County Reporter (Iron River, Mich. : 1998) 1998-2003
Iron Iron River Iron River Reporter  1923-1925
Iron Iron River  Iron River Reporter (Iron River, Mich. : 1977) 1977-1978
Iron Iron River  Iron River Reporter and Stambaugh-Caspian Reporter 1927-1976*
Iron Iron River Iron River-Stambaugh Reporter 1923-1923
Iron Iron River Reporter (Iron River, Mich. : 1968) 1968-1970
Iron Iron River  Reporter (Iron River, Mich.) 1978-1998
Iron Stambaugh Stambaugh-Caspian Reporter 1923-1925
Isabella Mount Pleasant  Tribal Observer 1978-2005*
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Augustinian (Kalamazoo, Mich.) 1905-1930
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Herald and Torchlight 1873-1876
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Augustinian 1896-1905
Kalkaska Kalkaska Leader and the Kalkaskian 1967-1990*
Kent Grand Rapids Catholic Vigil 1920-1929
Kent Grand Rapids Times (Grand Rapids, Mich. : 1938) 1936-1937
Kent GrandRapids Times (Grand Rapids, Mich. : 1960) 1960-2003*
Kent Grand Rapids Hispano (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 1991-1995
Kent Grand Rapids Hispano News (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 1995-1999*
Kent GrandRapids Kuryer z Grand Rapids = Grand Rapids Courier 1906-1907
Kent Grand Rapids Times (Grand Rapids, Mich.) 1959-1960*
Kent Grand Rapids Vocero Hispano 1993-2003*
Kent Grandville Grandville News 1909-1911*
Lenawee Deerfield Deerfield Moon 1924-1939
Macomb Armada Armada Crescent 1889-1889
Macomb Armada Armada Graphic 1900-1915*
Macomb Armada Armada Telegraph 1880-1979*
Macomb St. Clair Shores St. Clair Shores Herald (St. Clair Shores, Mich. : 1974) 1974-1993 
Macomb St. Clair Shores St. Clair Shores Herald 1953-1961
Monroe Carleton Carleton Messenger 1938-1984*
Monroe Dundee Dundee Reporter 1879-1989 
Montmorency Atlanta Montmorency County Tribune 1974-1994*
Muskegon Montague Observer and Shopping News 1973-1973
Muskegon Montague White Laker Observer 1973-1977* 
Muskegon Whitehall Montague Observer 1946-1973
Oakland Pontiac Pontiac Weekly Bill Poster 1865-1865
Oceana Mears Mears News    1914-1970*
Ogemaw West Branch Ogemaw County Journal 1878-1878
Saginaw Saginaw Saginaw Township Times 1964-1965
Saginaw Saginaw Times (Saginaw, Mich.)   1966-1967
Saginaw Saginaw Township Times (Saginaw, Mich. : 1967) 1967-1985
Saginaw Saginaw  Township Times (Saginaw, Mich.)  1965-1966
Saint Clair Yale Expositor (Yale, Mich.) 1882-1894
Saint Clair Yale Expositor  1894-2003
St. Joseph Constantine Constantine Republican 1836-1838
Sanilac Croswell Jeffersonian 1933-1935
Sanilac Croswell Jeffersonian (Croswell, Mich.) 1935-1939
Sanilac Lexington Jeffersonian (Lexington, Mich.) 1858-1898*
Van Buren Paw Paw Paw Paw Free Press 1857-1857
Van Buren Paw Paw Paw Paw Free Press (Paw Paw, Mich.) 1877 1877
Van Buren Paw Paw Van Buren County Press 1859-1859
Van Buren Paw Paw Van Buren County Press 1866-1872*
Washtenaw Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Sentinel 1844-1880*
Wayne Belleville Belleville Enterprise  1885-1939*
Wayne Belleville Belleville Enterprise (Belleville, Mich.) 1976-2003*
Wayne Belleville Enterprise-Roman and the Legal Times 1939-1968
Wayne Detroit Ad-Daleel 1943-1951
Wayne Detroit Athenai 1942-1980*
Wayne Detroit Christian Herald (Detroit, Mich. : 1877) 1877-1902*
Wayne Detroit Gay Liberator 1970-1971
Wayne Detroit Detroit Liberator 1970-1970
Wayne Detroit Gay Liberator 1971-1976
Wayne Detroit Glos Ludowy 1942-1979*
Wayne Detroit Romanul American 1942-1968*
Wayne Detroit Warrendale Courier 1950-1969*
Wayne Inkster Inkster Journal 1938-1946
Wayne Plymough Wayne County Review (Plymouth, Mich.) 1930-1943*
Wayne Wayne Garden City Times 1931-1931

Note:  (* indicates incomplete holdings – see ANSWER for more details)

Center for Research Libraries Newspaper Microfilm

Scholars and researchers from CRL member institutions (such as Michigan State University) have free and unlimited use of the CRL collections through interlibrary loan via their libraries. The loan period is unlimited, but is subject to possible recall notice. To identify what is available try searching the Center for Research Libraries online catalog.  Browse by country, state, U.S. and Canadian ethnic newspapers, or by Civilian Conservation Corps.  Here is a brief list of some of the featured collections:

The African-American Press Collection. From the Christian recorder, published in Philadelphia in the 1850s, to the Chicago Defender, still very much alive, the African-American press has provided first person coverage of the concerns, interests and achievements of African-Americans throughout the United States. The Center has a “critical mass” of over two hundred titles.

Civilian Conservation Corps Newspapers, 1933-1942 Database.  Several thousand newspapers and newsletters published by members of the Civilian Conservation Corps document one of the most successful New Deal work relief efforts of the Great Depression. These publications were produced in the rural and urban CCC camps and record the experiences of American youth who worked on important nature conservation and urban infrastructure projects during the period.

Ethnic Press Database. Thousands of volumes of newspapers were produced in the U.S. by ethnic communities from the Civil War to the late 20th century. The papers mirror the lives, values and everyday concerns of America’s various immigrant communities, from the Chinese- and Polish-Americans of 19th Century Chicago to more recently established communities of immigrants from Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Bild Zeitung (Hamburg) June 1960–Dec 1998.  This German publication is the best-selling newspaper in Europe and has the sixth-largest circulation worldwide. The broadsheet was modeled after the British tabloid the Daily Mirror—reflected in its mix of celebrity gossip, crime stories, and political analysis—and is an essential part of Germany’s cultural landscape. CRL announced it will purchase this set in 2010.

Imperial Russia’s Illustrated Press.  These illustrated weeklies chronicle Russian life and culture from the years of great literary output by Dostoevsky and Tolstoy to the modernist era and the chaos of 1917. The Press documents the transformation of Russia’s great cities—its landscapes and its multi-national citizenry—together with literary life, and provides a visual and verbal chronicle of occasions and events.  CRL announced it will purchase this set in 2010.

Indian Public Opinion and Panjab Times 1870–77.  CRL has the previous title (Lahore Chronicle 1850–68) and the later title (Civil Military Gazette 1929–32) of this primary source material for the study of Indian history. This purchase will make CRL’s holding complete. CRL announced it will purchase this set in 2010.

Kaiser-I-HindFounded in 1882 in Bombay, the newspapers Kaiser-I-Hind was the voice of the fledgling Indian National Congress and the Parsi community in the 19th and 20th centuries. It provides eyewitness coverage of the fortunes of this movement and of the career of Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi.

The Right Wing Extremist Press in the Former U.S.S.R., 1992-1999. Newspapers and magazines published by the ultranationalist political parties have sprung up in Russia and the former Soviet republics in the wake of the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. These materials vividly convey the extreme nationalist perspective – and rhetorical stridency – of these movements.

Shi shi Xin Bao (The China Times [Shanghai]) 1908–49.  This primary source published in Shanghai covers a critical era in modern Chinese history, including the 1911 Revolution, the birth of the first republican government, and the growing Communist Movement, which led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. CRL announced it will purchase this set in 2010.

U.S. general circulation newspapers. The Center acquires microfilm editions of general circulation newspapers published in the U.S. with the intent of providing retrospective, nationwide coverage. The Center maintains a subscription to at least one newspaper from each state, in most cases to the paper from the largest city, and to newspapers from an additional 25 cities or metropolitan areas with the greatest population nationally. Individual titles are selected on the basis of availability on microform and quality of coverage.

Listed below are titles received on microfilm on a current basis. The backfiles of these titles or their other predecessor titles are eligible for demand purchase.

Alabama Birmingham Birmingham news (#2665772)
Alaska Anchorage Anchorage times (#9527134)
Arizona Phoenix Arizona republic (#2609778)
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas democrat gazette (#24592418)
California Los Angeles Los Angeles times (#3638237)
San Diego San Diego union-tribune (#25257675)
San Francisco San Francisco chronicle (#8812614)
Colorado Denver Denver post (#8789877)
Connecticut Hartford Hartford courant (#8807834)
Delaware Wilmington News journal (#16073699)
Florida Miami Miami herald (#2733685)
Tampa Tampa tribune (#8253122)
Georgia Atlanta Atlanta constitution (#8821030)
Hawaii Honolulu Honolulu star-bulletin (#8807359)
Idaho Boise Idaho statesman (#9543462)
Illinois Chicago Chicago tribune (#7960243)
Indiana Indianapolis Indianapolis star (#7980466)
Iowa Des Moines Des Moines register (#1566275)
Kansas Wichita Wichita eagle (#20386511)
Kentucky Louisville Courier-journal (#6637888)
Louisiana New Orleans Times-picayune (#15937704)
Maine Bangor Bangor daily news (#8818350)
Maryland Baltimore Sun (#7909813)
Massachusetts Boston Boston Globe (#1536853)
Michigan Detroit Detroit free press (#10345127)
Minnesota Minneapolis Star and tribune (#16532336)
Mississippi Jackson Clarion-ledger (#8674244)
Missouri Kansas City Kansas City star (#3555868)
St. Louis St. Louis post-dispatch (#1764810)
Montana Great Falls Great Falls tribune (#9374534)
Nebraska Omaha Omaha world herald (#1585533)
Nevada Las Vegas Las Vegas review-journal (#8079993)
New Hampshire Manchester Union leader (#9638362)
New Jersey Newark Star-ledger (#10944976)
New Mexico Albuquerque Albuquerque journal (#9392114)
New York Buffalo Buffalo news (#8882862)
Nassau-Suffolk Newsday (#5371847)
New York Daily news (#9541172)
North Carolina Charlotte Charlotte observer (#9554626)
North Dakota Fargo Forum (#9563116)
Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati enquirer (#12065651)
Cleveland Plain dealer (#7742580)
Oklahoma Oklahoma City Daily Oklahoman (#26181551)
Oregon Portland Oregonian (#9278915)
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia inquirer (#8733259)
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh post-gazette (#10846671)
Rhode Island Providence Providence journal-bulletin (#32602766)
South Carolina Columbia State (#5208681)
South Dakota Sioux Falls Argus leader (#9769622)
Tennessee Memphis Commercial appeal (#9227552)
Texas Dallas Dallas morning news (#9475176)
Houston Houston chronicle (#1607806)
Utah Salt Lake City Salt Lake tribune (#8086936)
Vermont Burlington Burlington free press (#9390458)
Virginia Richmond Richmond times-dispatch (#9493729)
Washington Seattle Seattle post-intelligencer (#3734418)
West Virginia Charleston Charleston gazette (#9334859)
Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee journal sentinel (#32247177)
Wyoming Casper Casper star-tribune (#9611324)

In addition to subscriptions to the titles listed above, the Center has retrospective holdings of many U.S. newspapers in original format and in microform. Most of the titles are cataloged, and records for the newspapers appear in the Center for Research Libraries online catalog. However, the Center has additional holdings of cataloged titles and other titles that are not listed in publicly-accessible files, and patrons should ask for any U.S. newspaper.

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Historical Michigan Newspapers on Microfilm

The Library of Michigan also has an extensive collection of historical Michigan newspapers on microfilm.   Check the hours link to see when they are available to the public.

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