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Religions of the World: Islam

This is a guide to researching religions of the world: Western and Eastern Christianity, Eastern religions, Islam, Bahai, New Age Movements, Judaism. Last updated 06-26-2023


Muslim Studies Resources is a research guide by Deborah Margolis, the Libraries' selector for Middle East and Islam.  This is more up to date than what is below.

Islam: a Worldwide Encyclopedia

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World Reference DS 35.53 .O96 2009 v. 1-6  Online ed. is 2022.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics

Islam in America, Exploring the Issues

Muslims in America, Examining the Facts  Main BP 67 .U6 C66 2018

Author Craig Considine is at Rice University in the sociology dept.  Book has five broad sections: History of Muslims on American Soil, Demographics and Diversity, Politics, Islamophobia, and American National Identity.  Within each section between five and eight questions are posed and answered.  They cover such topics these:  Does the U.S. has a history of passing legislation to prevent Muslims from migrating here?  Are Muslim women oppressed in the U.S.? Do Muslim immigrants and refugees pose a threat to our national security? Is Islamophobia on the rise in the U.S.? Do Muslims in our country condemn Islamic terrorism?

See entry and link to Muslims in the Midwest in the Free Web Sites A-N section of this libguide.

100 Questions and Answers about Muslim Americans  Faculty Book Collection 1 West  BP161.3 .M53 2014

"100 Questions and Answers About Muslim Americans with a Guide to Islamic Holidays: Basic Facts about the Culture, Customs, Language, Religion, Origins and Politics of American Muslims" was written by a class in the Michigan State University School of Journalism.  

Encyclopedia of Islam

Encyclopedia of Islam. print version Main DS 37 .E5 1954 v. 1-11, plus supps and indexes Concise Encyclopedia of Islam. Main BP 40 .G42 1989

Islamic Desk Reference. Remote Storage DS 35.53 .I83 1994
Encyclopedia of Islam - Brill online version
Published by Brill, Encyclopedia of Islam is the most important reference work in English on Islamic subjects. Signed articles. Bibliographies. Biography, history, geography, religious beliefs, institutions, manners and customs, tribes, industries, sciences, and other terms. Not yet complete. Concise Encyclopedia of Islam has moderate length articles from a Sunni perspective; the focus is on religious forms (commandments, observances and texts) and on inner religious and metaphysical truths. Has some color illustrations, maps illustrating Islamic history, Mecca and the Hajj, branches of Islam, chronology, and bibliography of primary and secondary sources. Islamic Desk Reference has very short entries, from a few lines to a paragraph in most cases.

Oxford Islamic Studies Online features reference content and commentary by renowned scholars in areas such as global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture, and is regularly updated as new content is commissioned.

Oxford Dictionary of Islam.  Main BP 40 .O95 2003

Encyclopedia of Islamic Civilization and Religion.  Main BP 40 .E526 2008
Covers themes, personages, doctrines, events. Includes articles on Arab and Islamic texts, art and architecture, biography, caliphs, cities and geography, dynasties, history, Islam in West Africa, law, movements, origins, philosophy, Qur'an, science, sufism tafsir, and theology. Aims to deal with the whole of civilization and culture, not just religion and theology interpreted narrowly. Contains shorter entries, from a paragraph to a half page. Some further reading references. Signed entries.

Historical Dictionary of Islam  Main BP 50 .A33 2017

Focus is on Islam in the Middle East, its philosophies, development, history there.  Treatment of Islam in South and Southeast Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa and other places is uneven.  Major contemporary terrorist and militant groups are treated. 

Bloomsbury Companion to Islamic Studies  Main BP 42 .B58 2013

This is a guide to doing research in Islamic studies.  It has nine chapters, bibliographic essays, by scholars in the field, covering such topics as: Quranic studies, Sufism, Islamic theology, contemporary religious-political movements in Salafi Islam, Islam and the West, Islamic art and architecture.  There is a chronology, a 15 page,  annotated, overall bibliography, and a 50 page dictionary of short entries on key terms and concepts.

History of Christian-Muslim Relations

Look up this series title in Books and Media. We have some volumes in paper and access to a lot of the volumes online in the E Book package from Brill publisher in their Middle East and Islamic Studies Online series. 

Christian Muslim Relations: a Bibliographical History Main BP 172 .C4196 2009 v. 1-4,6,8

Look in E Books and Journals.  You'll see we have some of these volumes online.  Look in Books and Media.  We have some volumes in paper.  Volume 11 of the series above is supposed to be a sub-series of 7 volumes called Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History.  These volumes go chronologically by date.  Volumes 1-4 cover the time period of the Crusades.  The volumes contain a combination of secondary history writing on topics, but also dictionary type entries about particular texts along with bibliographical references to writings about them. These are long, dense books.  The online versions take a long time to actually load up on your computer to see the full texts. So we have bought some of the volumes in paper. 

The Qur'an: an Encyclopedia Main BP 133 .Q87 2006

Encyclopedia of the Qur’ān. Reference BP 133 .E53 2001 v. 1-6
Signed articles. For Muslims, the Qur’ān reproduces God’s own words. It is a compact text of 114 sections, called suras, which are verses of varying lengths. They contain various mixtures of theology, rules for social and personal behavior, prayers and liturgical requirements, narratives of past prophets, warnings about the last judgment, descriptions of heaven and hell, polemical challenges directed to those adhering to other belief systems. This encyclopedia has been in the making since 1933. Alphabetical entries treat important figures, concepts, places, values, actions, and events to be found within the text of the Qur’ān, or which have an important relationship with the text. There are also essay-length articles treating important topics in the field of qur’ānic studies. Extensive bibliographical references, as well as references to primary and secondary literature within the articles. Editor did not require any particular version of the Qur’ān to be used. No overall index.

Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States.  Main BP 67 .U6 E 53 2007 v. 1-2

North American Muslim Resource Guide: Muslim Community Life in the United States and Canada.  Main BP 67 .A1 N57 2002

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World Main BP 40 .E525 2004 v. 1-2

New Encyclopedia of Islam.  Main BP 40 .G42 2013

Arabic-English Dictionary of Qur'anic Usage Reference BP 133 .B23 2008
Purpose is to succeed the now outdated 1873 Dictionary and Glossary of the Koran by John Penrice. "A scholarly dictionary of the vocabulary of the Qur'an, with complete translation of all words, in which the abundant information in the commentary literature [is] taken into account."

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism

While not without some problems, this work, with its focus on fundamentalist groups (both well-known and obscure), key personalities (both contemporary and classical), major contemporary events, country profiles, and ideas of governance and Islamic concepts as interpreted through a fundamentalist lens is still an excellent resource for undergraduate or graduate students.

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey. Remote Storage BP 60 .M36 1999

Scarecrow Press series. On the groups and their leaders, origins, actions, ideas, principles. Author educated in Cairo and Maryland and has taught at the American University of Beirut. Dictionary arrangement with entries of paragraph to a page or so in length.

New Cambridge History of Islam

6 volume set is available online, but each volume has its own entry in Books and Media, so look up the title there.  Chronological arrangement covering from 6th c. in 4 of the volumes.  Two volumes are topical and deal with the golden age of medieval Islamic learning and culture and society since 1800.  Set also deals with expansion of Islam into India, China, Indonesia, the Caucasus, Europe, and the Americas. Bibliography in each volume, arranged in sections corresponding to the chapters of the text, includes some primary sources in English and Spanish.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women Main BP 173.4 .O94 2013 v. 1-2

Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Online

This is an interdisciplinary, trans-historical, and global work embracing women and Islamic cultures in every region where there have been significant Muslim populations. It aims to cover every topic for which there is significant research, examining these regions from the period just before the rise of Islam to the present. It crosses history, geographic borders and disciplines to create a groundbreaking reference work reflecting the very latest research on gender studies and the Islamic world. Paper version: Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures.  Main HQ 1170 .E53 2003 v 1-6.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Science, and Technology in Islam