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Religions of the World: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

This is a guide to researching religions of the world: Western and Eastern Christianity, Eastern religions, Islam, Bahai, New Age Movements, Judaism. Last updated 06-26-2023

Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Eastern Christianity Main BX 290 .E27 2006

Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity. Main BX 100.7 .B553 1999
Covers all main aspects of Eastern churches: doctrine, worship, history, art, music, hagiography, past and present. Nearly 700 signed articles by an international team of about 50 authorities in their fields, with further bibliographic references. Paragraph length articles to several pages.

Blackwell Companion to Eastern Christianity  Online only BX 106.23 .B53 2006

Historical Dictionary of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Main BX 230 .P76 1996

Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology.  Main BX 320.3 .C36 2008

Orthodox Church an Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture  Online only BX 320.3 .M34 2008

Historical Dictionary of the Coptic Church Main BX 130.5 .G33 2008

Byzantine Empire, a Historical Encyclopedia  Main DF 504.5 .B98 2019 v. 1-2

Not strictly speaking a religious studies encyclopedia, but has entries bearing on religion, for events, personages, the Eastern Orthodox Church, secular topics including government and organizations, places, objects and artifacts, the military, and a selection of primary documents.

Coptic Encyclopedia. Main BX 130.5 f.C66 1991 v. 1-8
2800 articles by 218 contributors. Deals with the history of Christianity in Egypt, Nubia, and Ethiopia. Depth of coverage of a single region within Eastern Christianity is the strength of the work. Lengthy articles, signed, with bibliographies.

Encyclopedia of Christian Literature Main BR 117.3 .E53 2010 v. 1-2

"... is an attempt to identify the canon of Christian literature, the core books that have fertilized, irrigated, and nurtured the Christian mind over the centuries."  "This encyclopedia answers the qustion of which seminal books and which authors have had an enduring influence on the way Christians have appropriated the eternal truths of the faith and applied them to their own lives and the temporal world around them. v. 1 has long articles, with bibliographies,  signed by scholars on genres and types of Christian literature.  v. 2 has 430 signed biobibliographical articles on, primarily, Christian authors.  Is said to encompass all Christian denominations, traditions, and confessions.

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Eastern Catholicism Websites

From Byzantine Catholic Seminary Library, Pittsburgh, PA.  Provides links to Eastern Canon Law.  Links to websites of the
"Eparchies," their organizational branches.  Links to their monastic communities.  Links to introductory videos and to FAQ type information.

Liturgical Studies: Eastern Rites

From University of St. Thomas library director and theology librarian Curt Le May.  Offers information about Eastern liturgical texts.  Offers links to information about Eastern Orthodox liturgy.  And information about secondary works.