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Michigan State University

Religions of the World: Atlases

This is a guide to researching religions of the world: Western and Eastern Christianity, Eastern religions, Islam, Bahai, New Age Movements, Judaism. Last updated 06-26-2023


The Map Library is on 2nd floor East Wing of  the Main Library.  They have an online maps guide.

Atlas of Christian History Main BR 987 .D692 2016

A modest publication from Fortress Press.  Chronological arrangement: Early Christians.  Church Under Siege.  Middle Ages.  Reformations and After.  Modern Church. 

Atlas of the European Reformations  Main BR 307 .D69 2015

Also from Fortress Press.  Time line.  Basic maps.  Illustrated.  Chronological arrangement.  Very short chapters devoted to particular reformers, Renaissance, printing, Reformation in various countries, selected topics in 17th c. European religious history.  Also covers the Counter-Reformation.  Begins with Waldensians.  Ends with conclusion of the English Civil War.