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Michigan State University

Michigan History: MI Historical Magazine

Publication History

1917-1946: Michigan History Magazine
1947-1990: Michigan History
1990-         : Michigan History Magazine

Volumes for 1917-1977 has the format of a scholarly journal. Beginning with 1978, it has a magazine format.


1917-1930:  Michigan Historical Commission and the Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society

1931-1942: Michigan Historical Commission and the State Historical Society of Michigan

1943-1971:   Michigan Historical Commission

1972-1973: Division of Michigan History

1974-July/Aug. 1978:  Michigan History Division

Sept./Oct. 1978-Jan./Feb. 1991: Michigan Department of State

Mar./Apr. 1991-1995: Michigan Bureau of History

1996-Sept./Oct. 2009: Michigan Historical Center

Nov./Dec. 2009-   : Historical Society of Michigan


Michigan History Magazine (1917-1946)  Print    Online

Michigan History (1947-1990)  Print only

Michigan History Magazine (1991-)  Print   Online


Each volume for 1917-1977 has its own index.

MSU Library has Cumulative Indexes for Vols. 1-25 (1917-1941),  Vols 26-47 (1942-1962), & Vols. 47-57 (1963-1973)

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