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British Isles Online Primary Resources: Government Documents

This is a guide to the major electronic resources M.S.U. Libraries has bought or is subscribing to about/from the British Isles. It can be used for literary, historical, political, or social/economic topics.

Government Documents

British History Online                       medieval to early modern   

Digital library containing some of the core government documents from medieval to early modern times: Parliamentary, judicial, and some county level material.

Documents on British Policy Overseas

Upon completion this resource will contain 56,000 U.K. government documents relating to Britain's international relations, including foreign policy instructions, letters and memos, business reports, and more. These primary source materials have been selected by the official historians of Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and, in many cases, have been declassified at their request for inclusion in this series.

This resource offers single-point online access from three print series: British Documents on the Origins of War, 1898-1914 (Main stacks D 505 .G68 v. 1-11 contains material on the tensions that led to WWI), Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939 (Main stacks DA 566.7 .A18 Ser 1-3 v. 1-65 interwar period with items on Italo-Ethiopian War and German affairs), and Documents on British Policy Overseas (Main stacks DA 588 .D63 1984 Series 1-4 17 volumes plus cds and microfiche with items on atomic energy, the Korean conflict and the Cold War).

English Historical Documents

Provides modernized English language texts for major primary sources in English history from 500 to 1914, including American Colonial era documents. Browse by subjects (technology, foreign affairs, etc.), chronological timeline, or by original published volume order. Search by keyword or use advanced search for specific document title, personal name, or place name. Based on the print series (Main DA 26 .E55) edited by David C. Douglas.

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