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Michigan State University

Bloomberg User Guide

This is a guide for getting started with our Bloomberg terminal.

Bloomberg Access

Bloomberg is only for College of Business faculty and students.

When using material from this database in reports and presentations, vendor contract requirements dictate that you must include the phrase: "Used with permission of Bloomberg."

Where are the Bloomberg Terminals?

The College of Business has a number of Bloomberg terminals. Most can be found in the Financial Analysis Lab. The Business Library has one terminal. It can be found on the selected resources computers table, which is the first table just inside the entrance of the Business Library.

Creating a Bloomberg Account

You must create an account in order to use Bloomberg. ***Please note: You need to be near a phone to complete registration for your account. You will either get a phone call or text message with a special code. The Business Library does not have good cell phone coverage. ***

To get your account:

1. Click the red CONN DEFAULT key to get to the login screen.

2. Hit Go.

3. Fill out the information by following the instructions. You will have to fill out all information including title and phone number. Otherwise, it won't let you continue. If you're a student, you can put Student.

4. You'll be sent a code via phone or text message within a short time.

5. Input code.

6. You're all set!


Logging In: To log in, press the red CONN DEFAULT key on the upper right hand corner of the keyboard.

Use the red CANCEL key to start over.

Yellow Market Sector Keys

CMDTY < f9>: Commodities, futures, options, spot rates
CORP < f3>: Corporate Debt
CRNCY < f11 >: Spots, futures, options on over 100 currencies
EQUITY < f8>: ADRs, mutual funds, rights, stocks, options, warrants
GOVT < f2>: Worldwide sovereign and agency securities
INDEX < f10>: World financial markets, economic indices.
M-MKT < f5>: Continuously issued and short-term dated paper
MTGE < f4>: Mortgage-backed security pass-throughs
MUNI < f6>: U.S. municipality issued debt


Green Action Keys

GO: Activates all commands
MENU: Go back one level
PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN: Navigate between pages
HELP: Press once to get information about the screen you are on. Press twice to contact the Bloomberg Help Desk.

You can type CHEAT to get to the cheat sheets to help with searching.

Note: In the online and printed help documentation, Bloomberg refers to particular keys on the keyboard by putting them in angle brackets: < equity>  . Whenever you see a command in angle brackets, press that particular key.