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Bloomberg User Guide

This is a guide for getting started with our Bloomberg terminal.

Finding Intangible Assets

Intangible assets are listed on the Financial Analysis part of a company. On the balance sheet it contains net intangibles. To find the disclosed intangibles you must create a custom field. It will vary by company on what and how things are reported. Here's how to do it:

1. Do a search for FA ticker <Go>

2. Click on 9 Custom Search

3. In the search box start typing disclosed intangibles and select it.

4. You'll see a list and probably will have to click next to the ones with a little plus to expand.


For example with Ford Motor Company,

In the 4th Bloomberg screen type FA F <Go>

Towards the top click 9) Custom.

Then in the Add Field box I typed disclosed intangibles and selected it.

Michigan State University