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Bloomberg User Guide

This is a guide for getting started with our Bloomberg terminal.

Find Corporate Bonds

Search by issuer:

Ticker Symbol < corp>< go>

Search for specific bond:

Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity < corp>< go>

Example: F 10.767 11/01/10

Find Government Bonds

Find Listing of Major Government Bonds Worldwide:

WB < go>

Find US Treasury Bonds:

10 Year:

CT10 < govt> < go>

5 Year:

CT5 < govt> < go>

3 Month T-Bill:

CB3 < govt> < go>

US Generic Bonds:

10 Year:

USGG10YR < index>< go>

5 Year:

USGG5YR < index>< go>

This formula can be used for any US generic bond.

Find Municipal Bond Ratings

Find State Issued Bonds:

STGO < go>

Find City Issued Bonds:

CTGO < go>

Find High Yield Bonds Including Ratings

Find High Yield Bond Indices:

HYI < go>

Find High Yield Bond Menu:

HYM < go>

Find Bond Ratings Definitions:

RATD < go>

Michigan State University